Corsicana Deliver With Their First Single Quandary, New Album On The Horizon

Our friends at Corsicana have just released this beauty of a masterpiece for our listening pleasure. The new single “Quandary” from their forthcoming album Perennial (out 1/18/19) is set to a beautiful backdrop featuring an array of complementing sounds that fit perfectly with vocalist Ben Pisano’s ranging array of lyrical bliss. The song is arranged in a way that put the listener right in the line of fire of what the song is about, it’s as if everything is happening right in front of you and you are watching it play out in real time, only to realize the uncertainty of what just took place. Corsican is set to release their new album (tickets on sale now) just after the new year and we will keep you plugged on all the upcoming details. Stay Tuned.

Do you feel it too? When I pull you up the stairs, it’s the weight that’s yours to bear.

We burst into my room, we’ve caught the fear between our teeth, trapped it underneath the sheets.

You say “it’s best we never leave,” I think you’re feigning your relief.

Are you lost in the fervor? You’ll only push further.

In all the times you’ve had me stay over, I’ve never felt colder.

The fear tastes stale;

An old friend loiters in your home.

Feel my shame positioned like a weapon.

Can you hear it too? Our friends are at the door, seeking shelter from the storm.

They won't peer inside, cause they know you drew the blinds. Have you found your peace of mind?

We can't harbor our conceit in a sea of our deceit.


Ben Pisano - Acoustic/electric guitars, percussion, programming, synths, vocals/processing

Amos Chase - Drums

Jordan Leone - Electric bass

Melanie Steinway - Ambient (tremolo) guitar

Produced, engineered, & recorded by Ben Pisano.

Live drums engineered & recorded by Corey Coffman.

Song & lyrics written & arranged by Ben Pisano.

Mixed by Corey Coffman.

Mastered by Joe Lambert.

Artwork by Anna Bernard.

Design by Jordan Leone.