Best Fashion Haul from The Underground Music Showcase 2019

The Underground Music Showcase, you sure know how to throw a three day party! This past weekend music festival The Underground Music Showcase (aka The UMS) took over the Baker neighborhood in Denver, CO. We partook in so much live music almost 200 acts during the weekend, live podcast recordings, street food, shopped the local businesses, and sipped on so many drinks. During the festival we caught some of the coolest, trendiest, wildest fashion hauls. Peep our festival goers lewks below:


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THRIFTCON 2019 Recap

Pictures provided by Station and Thriftcon.

Pictures provided by Station and Thriftcon.

If you didn’t go to Thriftcon on Sunday, can you even call yourself a fashion icon? ;P But really, you missed out on some of Denver’s finest street wear, Vintage, collectibles, and also just a good ass time. There was music bumping all day, food trucks, a bar, and the best people watching money can buy. For only 8 bucks, you could have gained entry to a good kick off of summer shopping.


Thriftcon started last May with only 50 vendors and maybe 500 attendees. The next two events had about 55 vendors and 8-900 attendees, and Sunday there were 64 vendors and just over 1800 people. Founders expect the event to grow larger once they find a space that can accommodate that growth.

Co-founder of Thriftcon and Station, Mario Conte aka Mars expressed much gratitude for the steady incline of attendees as well as vendors, especially when it came to the clothing drive that was tied to this Sunday’s Thriftcon. “Over 125 people donated clothing yesterday resulting in over 1000 pieces of clothing to benefit The Denver Rescue Mission.” As the event continues to gain momentum, this is a wonderful way to give back to community that Station is a part of.

Conte left us with, “A giant thank to everyone for coming out and especially to those who donated! We ended up with 650 pounds of clothing to donate to The Denver Rescue Mission which was huge!”

This event is similar to many of the bazaars and clothing pop ups showing up all over Denver, but this one has a special air about it. Not only can you donate your old clothes to people who need them, but you can also trade or sell your more valuable pieces to people who are truly stoked on them. It really feels like a community of people, coming together in an environment unlike any other. Keep up with future events by following Thriftcon here.


ThriftCon is a vintage collector’s dream. A one day vintage convention featuring clothing, collectibles and nostalgia pieces from the 50s through the 90s.

ThriftCon was born out of a tidal wave of nostalgia sweeping over a generation. Individuals born offline and living online, who want less emails and more experiences. ThriftCon is a return to the roots of the shopping experience, where price tags are optional and 2 day shipping is conquered by 2 second shipping.

Please join us at ThriftCon from 10am-5pm on May 19th at EXDO Event Center. Do your part to impact the community, and find a few “new” pieces to add to your collection.


ThriftCon Clothing Drive: Benefitting The Denver Rescue Mission

EXDO Event Center May 19, 2019 10am-5pm

ThriftCon is excited to announce its most meaningful endeavour to date; the ThriftCon Clothing Drive: Benefitting The Denver Rescue Mission. As ThriftCon’s platform grows, so too should its commitment and dedication to the community. Attendees who bring 5 or more pieces of clothing will receive a free ThriftCon tee shirt, as a token of gratitude to donors. The average American will throw away 81 pounds of clothes this year, amounting to 26 billion pounds of textiles and clothes ending up in landfills. This clothing drive is a small, but valiant effort to shift this trend.


Behind The Scenes of Denver Fashion Week

Denver Fashion Week has become one of the premiere fashion events in the country boasting various designers, local boutiques, national brands, hair stylists, makeup artists and models. With a growing fashion scene in Denver, the week takes time to showcase the best our city has to offer. Take a look at some of the sights from this years event including some behind the scenes of what Forbes magazine calls “one of the fastest growing American fashion platforms.”

Photos by: Nikki Rae Photography.

Spring 2019 Color Trends

Another season draws near, and wardrobes will need some spring cleaning. Last year, lavender, millennial pink, and prints lit up the runways. 

Want to know what colors you need for this year’s seasonal update?

Soft Lilac

Many high profile designers have used lilac in the past four years, thanks to '80s hues making a comeback. Its unique Vaporwave-y vibe evokes an ethereal and nostalgic feeling. We expect it to continue popping up in the coming season. However, its recent variation, soft lilac is much more subdued, so it fits with flowing and simple designs that do not have to rely on multiple layers to create an interesting look.

Image Credit: Flickr

Deep Orange

Like lilac, orange was the rage back in 2018. And as bright and bold colors continue to dominate, deep orange will define 2019's spring season. Deep orange can be used to spice up an outfit, whether it’s with a pair of deep orange glasses or a hat. It’s a vivid and spunky color that is perfect for people with outgoing personalities. As we say goodbye to the winter months and bask in the heat, wearing orange can bring positive energy.

Image Credit: Flickr

Cherry Red

Cherry red has all the fierceness of red, but with a playful touch. It reminds us of candy, summer flings, and sultry lips. For a more striking look, you can rock the color as outerwear. The double-breasted peacoat on Woman Within comes in the very same shade, and can be worn just about anywhere, as you can wear it with jeans for a stylish casual outfit or with a dress for more formal affairs. The hue is a true attention-grabber. As we have previously reported here on Ultra5280, we expect suits to be in vogue this coming season, too. It's a great time to adopt a fierce androgynous look with a cherry red coat, a pair of oversized pants, and boots.

Image Credit: Instagram salymoodvintage

Living Coral

Living coral is Pantone’s Color of the Year, and we dare say that it deserves the recognition. Pantone says that the color symbolizes our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits.. and embodies our desire for playful expression.” Indeed, living coral’s golden undertones and pink-orange are very bold without being too loud. This vibrant yet mellow color hasn’t made an appearance for a few years, but it is well overdue a comeback. 

There are many ways to rock living coral, whether it’s as a puffy top or as an accessory like a handbag. While the color has a casual and urban vibe, it is often deemed rather classy too.

Image Credit: Instagram hybrid_closet

Marigold Yellow

Like living coral, marigold is expected to blow up this spring. The banana cream color is everywhere, from Instagram to Kate Spade New York, Monse, and from a whole load of other high fashion designers. This bright and funky color is fast replacing Millennial Pink as the demographic’s color of choice, although it’s not an easy color to pull off. But as spring approaches, marigold will fit right in. A marigold jacket or tee is a good way to incorporate the color into your wardrobe, especially if you’re wearing a marigold full dress feels too intense.

Image Credit: Instagram gen.z.yellow

Best Of Denver Fashion Week Exhibit

Starting February 2 until April 7, the Best of Denver Fashion Week Exhibit will be on display at the McNichols Civic Center in central Denver. The exhibit presents a ten-year history of the best of the best of Denver’s Fashion Weeks.


The exhibit has “featured fashion photography will take you behind the scenes of multiple memorable runway shows, whereas exclusive local designs will be showcased through unique installations.” Those visiting will be able to dive into Denver’s remarkable fashion scene, while also learning about the history of style in the city.

With Fashion Week occurring currently in numerous cities around the world and Denver Fashion week in the near future, now is the perfect time to glimpse global fashion through a local perspective. Denver’s fashion scene has continued to rise, and with Denver Fashion Week coming up in the Spring, learning about its history over the last decade will give visitors intel on the extraordinary industry the city has developed.

Ella Zeiler

New Season, New Outfits

A change in seasons means, once again, Fashion Week is here! Trends, old and new, have been featured on runways around the world, and here they are from the beginning of Spring Fashion Week 2019. Watch out - they can easily influence your wardrobe for the changing seasons!

1. Women in Suits

We’ve seen more and more that women are wearing what are considered more masculine looks. With 2018 labeled the “Year of the Woman,” there is no denying that 2019 will continue to display woman in clothing that strays from expectations. There are no rules in fashion and we can predict that both men and woman will blur the lines between what they’ve been told they should wear and what they can wear.

Models across several runways, like Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford featured below at New York Fashion Week 2019, are sporting pantsuits of all kinds. Whether it’s a satin fabric creating a dark classic look, or a white suit featuring a deep V-neck and a more formal structure, this trend effortlessly combines masculine fashion trends with classic women’s pieces.

Ralph Lauren NYFW 2019- Harper BAZAAR UK

Tom Ford NYFW 2019 Harpers BAZAAR UK

2. Glitter and Metallic

Ralph Lauren did not hesitate to display his love for silver and golds. Displayed on everything from gowns to belts to sweaters, his shimmery hues and gold glitter were featured from head to toe on the runway. Amazingly, he made statement pieces featuring this trend, but also produced more everyday, wearable looks for the casual fashionista.

Ralph Lauren NYFW 2019- VOGUE

Ralph Lauren NYFW 2019- VOGUE

3. Oversized Sweaters

The oversized sweater trend made its debut early last year, seen often in streetwear style. However, the trend has taken control of the runway, converting the seemingly casual look into something far more formal. Khaithe’s 2019 collection displayed several oversized sweaters, paired with anything from suede flare pants to latex pieces. There is no denying that this trend is easy to style and wear, whether you prefer formal or casual.

Fashion Week has only just begun and this is only the start of the spectacular looks and trends that will be seen on this year’s runway so, keep a look out!

Khaite NYFW 2019- Harpers BAZAAR UK

Khaite NYFW 2019- Harpers BAZAAR UK

Ella Zeiler

Designer Red Carpet Dresses That Would Be Beautiful Wedding Gowns

Image Source: Pexels

While the summer wedding frenzy may still be a little way off, we’re right in the middle of another fashionable gown-centric season: award shows. Already we’ve seen some beautiful frocks that would be perfect for brides, so we thought we’d look at what Hollywood has to offer when it comes to bridal gown inspiration.

Hollywood Loves A Wedding

Come to think of it, Hollywood has always had a bit of an obsession with weddings. In fact, one of the most popular movies made in the last decade was a wedding movie: Bridesmaids(2011). With a star-studded comedy cast, this chick flick went far further than simply being a box office hit. It was nominated for Best Motion Picture at the Golden Globe Awards, as well as for Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards. Plus, although Kristen Wiig and company may be against a sequel, the film did inspire a spin-off Microgaming online slot available at Betway Casino as well as quite literally every sort of Bridesmaids-themed merchandise you can think of. Over at Etsy, there are well over a thousand different Bridesmaids-themed goodies created by fans of the franchise, from champagne flutes to tank tops. The same can be seen on Redbubble, where the Bridesmaids merch portfolio rivals that of The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Lord of the Rings. As for the film itself, as recently as 2018, outdoor cinemas were screening the comedy chick flick on all over the place from Malibu to Essex. Really, Bridesmaidsmarked a new era for Hollywood, an era where a female-led comedy could be a worldwide sensation, and it didn't hurt that the movie revolved around a wedding.

Of course, Bridesmaidsis just one link in a long line of Hollywood wedding movies. Let’s take, for example, the classic Audrey Hepburn musical Funny Face(1957). The movie inspired Whitney Houston, Madonna, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Beyoncé, who have all created music videos and album artwork devoted to the 1950’s flick. Other top wedding movies include Father of the Bride(1950), Sex and the City(2008), Bride Wars(2009), and The Wedding Planner(2001); the list goes on! Even Fiona in Shrek(2001) had a pretty fashionable gown on, and so did Bella in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1(2011), if we’re being honest. Each and every one of these movies has gone on to inspire wedding dress trends in some way or another. Whether it be the living-for-the-frills-of-it, laid-back vibes of Bridesmaidsor the beautifully structured ivory of Funny Faceand The Wedding Planner, there’s a Hollywood movie wedding gown that everyone will love. Unfortunately, there have been fewer wedding-themed movies released over the last few years, so we've had to look for inspiration from elsewhere in Hollywood. Thankfully, we think this year's award shows have filled that inspiration gap.

From The Red Carpet To The Aisle

On January 6, we watched the 76th Annual Golden Globes and were completely floored by all of the beautiful dresses that appeared on the red carpet.

Kristen Bell was stunning in her pale pink plunging-neckline gown from Zuhair Murad, and while we’re not convinced such a revealing dress would be for every bride, the pleats are certainly sleek and flattering. As for the color, it seems pale pinks and nudes are really in fashion this season, with Emma Stone donning a mesmerizing pink Louis Vuitton number, which really should have made an appearance in the Fall show. With silver embellishments, long sleeves and a cinched waist, Stone’s gown is a little reminiscent of the frocks Adele usually wears, though in a much more wedding-friendly color.

It was Sandra Oh’s astonishing asymmetrical, white gown that really got us thinking about red carpet dresses as wedding inspiration though. Although Oh wore several outfits that night, the floor-length Versace number was the one that took our breath away. Stylish ruching, subtle accessories, perfect hair: This outfit had everything a bride-to-be could dream of.

White, nudes and pale pinks continued to be a trend once celebrities hit the blue carpet at BFCA's Critic’s Choice Awards2019 on January 13. Brides with a taste for the sparkly will love Emily Blunt’s white column Prada dress and Laura Harrier’s slightly less out-there Louis Vuitton, long-sleeved frock. Those with a subtler style though will probably prefer Lady Gaga’s bandeau Calvin Klein number, complete with a glorious train.

February Has Plenty More Bridal Gown Inspiration On The Way

With so many more award shows on the schedule in February, we’ll be keeping a keen eye on the dresses that would make excellent bridal gowns. The 61st Grammy awards are sure to give the more eccentric bride a few ideas, while the Brits will be perfect for anyone looking for a unique yet formal vibe. As for the Academy Awards, we’re sure to see even more absolutely astonishing, couture numbers that will inspire every bride who wants to stand out on their wedding day.

Dior: From Paris To The World Fashion Exhibit Is Breathtaking!

Ultra5280 had a chance to visit the Dior exhibit at the Denver Art Museum this past week, and if you have a passion for fashion, it’s right up your alley! The idea to bring in Haute Couture fashion, and more specifically, Christian Dior’s pieces, came from Florence Muller, the Curator of Textile Arts and Fashion, for the Avenir Foundation at the Denver Art Museum. The exhibit features 70 years of Christian Dior’s most exquisite work, carrying over 200 haute couture dresses, accessories, runway videos, and photographs for the public to see.

Why the excitement?  What makes Christian Dior so important not only to fashion but the world in general? Dior was one of the first artists and designers to express, through clothes, the modern woman and feminism around the time of World War II. Going against the fashion norm of predominantly masculine-based designs, Dior broke through the fashion industry, allowing only the best of the best to be seen in his designs. Women were finally then able to express themselves in a way they never could before through fashion, giving a new definition to the women’s movement. Dior dresses featured synched dresses, carrying dress lengths and a mix of both formal and casual designs. His dresses also included patterns influenced by art of all forms. Whether inspired by artists like Monet or a more contemporary art style, Christian Dior remains one of the first designers to do something different among women’s fashion.

In addition to breath-taking displays of dresses worn only by the world’s most elite, the exhibit profiles some of Dior’s most prominent directors, like Yves-Saint Laurent, Raf Simmons, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre, John Galliano, and Maria Grazia Chiuri.  These were all people who not only helped Dior during his prime, but helped carry on the legacy once Dior had passed from the scene. As people walk through the exhibit, they can find the history of some of fashion’s biggest powerhouses that continue to influence the world today. The exhibit will take you through time, displaying videos of the design process of the dresses, interviews with the icon, Dior, himself, and even videos of famous models, like Gisele, on the runway wearing Dior.  Dior and his team made a revolutionary change to fashion and the industry during a time where self-expression through fashion was lacking. So, whether you are a fashion junkie or not, high-culture Paris has arrived in Denver, giving the public an opportunity to learn about the immense influence that Dior and his designs had on both women and the world.

The exhibit will be on display until March 3, 2019 so, be sure to grab your tickets here:

Written by: Ella Zeiler Photos: Ella Zeiler

Fashion 101 | 5 Fall Trends From Fashion Week 2018 That You Need To Know About

Written By: Ella Zeiler

With a new season among us and fall weather quickly approaching, turning to the runway for trends to look out for is a must! Fashion Weeks all over the world have come to a close, revealing new and unique fashion to gain influence from.

It may seem obvious, but neutral color pallets for fall are always on trend. Shades of brown remain fall’s staple color not only because they coincide perfectly with the colors that the fall season brings, but also because they are easy to pair with louder colors, creating a perfect look. Fendi, Tod’s, and Chanel made their most prominent looks using tones of brown, highlighting all the ways the color can be used and styled.

Photo By: Tagwalk

Photo By: Tagwalk

Photo By: The Best Fashion Blog

Photo By: The Best Fashion Blog

Photo By: Courtesy of Tods

Photo By: Courtesy of Tods

It may seem obvious, but neutral color pallets for fall are always on trend. Shades of brown remain fall’s staple color not only because they coincide perfectly with the colors that the fall season brings, but also because they are easy to pair with louder colors, creating a perfect look. Fendi, Tod’s, and Chanel made their most prominent looks using tones of brown, highlighting all the ways the color can be used and styled.

Photo By: Yannis Vlamos in Vogue

Photo By: Yannis Vlamos in Vogue

Photo By: Courtesy of Balmain

Photo By: Courtesy of Balmain

Photo By: Yannis Vlamos

Photo By: Yannis Vlamos

With the changing of seasons, comes the changing of weather. If you’re a Colorado native, then you know that the weather can switch up in an instance. Layering, or in this case, excessive layering, made its way to the Balenciaga, Tory Burch, and Louis Vuitton runways, showing that you can still brave the harsh weather fall can bring while still being on trend! Over-laying of jackets and mixing cold warm weather clothing are just a few examples of how this trend was representing during this year’s fashion week.

Photo By: Yannis Vlamos

Photo By: Yannis Vlamos

Photo By: Fashion Gone Rogue

Photo By: Fashion Gone Rogue

Photo By: Tory Daily

Photo By: Tory Daily

Fall means boots! In past years, the length of boots has varied and so has the way we’ve worn them. Tall boots circulated around in previous years and later, the bootie became the staple boot of the season. Now, mid-calf length boots have presented themselves as 2018’s fall boot of the season and they’re not only functional, but easy to wear with anything! What is unique about the mid-calf boot this year, is that they are being made with materials that wouldn’t typically be used in boots, giving them a different look. Saint Laurent created their boots using a slouchier look, while Fendi and Bottega Vaneta created their looks to have a cowboy boot look.

Photo By: Globe Styles

Photo By: Globe Styles

Photo By: Celeb First

Photo By: Celeb First

Photo by: Courtesy of Elle Magazine

Photo by: Courtesy of Elle Magazine

Finally, what would fall be without accessories. Statement jewelry is usually always “in season,” but for fall 2018, bold neck and ear pieces create a unique look for the changing season. What is always good about jewelry is that there are options for any budget. Designer brands create them, but oftentimes, “lower end” brands carry similar pieces as well, making it easy for anyone to follow the trend! Many designers expressed their take on the bold jewelry trend, but some that stuck out from the rest were Prabal Gurung and Tom Ford.

Photo By: Imax Tree

Photo By: Imax Tree

Photo By: Le’Officiel

Photo By: Le’Officiel

Photo By: Yannis Vlamos

Photo By: Yannis Vlamos

New seasons mean new fashion! With new, unique trends, as well as older, redesigned trends hitting the runways, there will be no shortage of influence for this upcoming fall season.

Fashion 101 | Grandoozy Fashion

Denver’s first Grandoozy was a success! We had so much fun this weekend seeing some amazing music performances, eating delicious food and adventuring around South Park Land. Although something else we noticed was the incredible fashion that people blessed Grandoozy with! Check out some of these incredible outfits!

Photographers: Bridget Burnett (Instagram) & Robert Castro (Instagram)

Fashion 101 | UMBRLA SUPPLY


A local Denver company that focuses on merging country club and urban lifestyles through apparel while planting a tree for every unit sold (SHOP)

Founder: Adam Swartz (Instagram)

Photographer: Bridget Burnett (Instagram)

Model: Adam Swartz (Instagram) Jay Corso (Instagram)

Fashion 101 | Cou Cou

Cou Cou is a "thoughtful shop that focuses on fashion and art" nestled in the heart of Denver's Highlands. We got the chance to go inside and photograph their space as well as some of the designer brands that they carry! 

 Be sure to check out their website or stop in at 3655 Navajo st. 

Photographer: Bridget Burnett (Instagram)

Fashion 101 | Interview with Mario Conte, Co-Owner of Station

We had the chance to meet with Mario Conte, Co-owner of a vintage and streetwear clothing store called Station. Located in Five Points, the boutique carries vintage designer brands and streetwear trends that Mario and his friends have been shopping and wearing for years!

How did you get into the fashion industry? I knew since high school that I was interested in these kind of streetwear brands and clothes. Senior year of high school and freshman year of college was really when I got into all of it. I knew fashion was something I really loved and wanted to be a part of. When I was done with college I went and applied at my favorite shop in Boulder and they told me I needed retail experience, so that’s what I started to do. Then, I started working for a company called “Kidrobot” and I worked there for two years. That’s what really made me fall in love with all of it.

Tell us about Station and how it all started. Once I got my foot in the door with Kidrobot, we would do events with artists because they were an art-toy company. We’d make clothes with them, we’d have night openings and that made me see the whole community that there was around this. Around this time I linked with my friend David, who’s the co-owner with me at Station now and I had seen that he had posted that he needed help for his brand so I started helping him push his brand then. After doing one collection with him, we thought we should open a store.

Why did you decide to sell a combination of streetwear, vintage, and previously worn clothing? We wanted to not only sell stuff that my friends are I were wearing and buying online, but also stuff that wasn’t really being represented in Denver at the time. There’s this whole streetwear movement that was coming up at the time that no one or no store was really stocking in Denver. We knew we needed to bring this to Denver a) before someone else does and b) because there was nothing like it here and it needed to be here regardless. Also, if we were going to be opening a store and being around something all the time, we wanted it to be something we loved already. When we started, we had an entire art wall. Kids would come in and easily spend $200-$300 on a hoodie but not on a canvas so, we covered up the art wall and put clothes up instead.

What’s the process of finding clothing pieces that you want to carry in the store? We go everywhere and anywhere we can find stuff. My partner does most of the digging for clothes and he’s obsessed with it. Everyday he’s at the bins in the mornings at Goodwill stores, art stores, Ebay, flea markets every Sunday, and checking craigslist. He also searching for things. He’ll also look up estate sales. Also, we’re buy, sell, trade, so people will come in and bring their clothes to us to sell.


What are your thoughts on Denver and its fashion? Now we have a lot of great stores and a lot of them are streetwear stores, but Denver hasn’t been a fashion-forward city. It’s still behind, but there’s a lot more to do, a lot more culture, a lot more fashion than there was before. That’s what makes being here so advantageous, because in other places you can get lost in it. Everyone is trying to do similar things, but in Denver it’s just not that big yet. So, if your original and have a good work ethic, you’re going to come to life here.

What do you hope for in the future for you and the store? We equate the store to a modern-day barber shop. It’s just a bunch of likeminded people that come and kick it. We have homies that pull up every day and they’re not shopping. It’s a place people can gather and I hope that we can be here for years and I want this store to be here for a long time. I hope the brand grows and can be synonymous with the other brands we carry and streetwear that’s out there. I just hope we grow as a store but also as a brand as well. Who knows, maybe Station2 and Station3 somewhere!


Writer: Ella Zeiler (Instagram)

Photographer: Bridget Burnett (Instagram)

Fashion 101 | Foreign Family Collective Pop-Up Shop in RiNo

We got the chance to cover the Foreign Family Pop-Up Shop in RiNo yesterday. Even though Odesza wasn't able to make it, we got to hang out with their good friend Naomi Wild! 

Photographer: Bridget Burnett (Instagram)

Fashion 101 | Festival Fashion with Jordyn Samuelson

Ready for festival season? Check out these amazing outfits that Jordyn Samuelson, a local Denver fashion blogger, put together! 

Model: Jordyn Samuelson (Instagram)

Photographer: Bridget Burnett (Instagram)