Best Of Denver Fashion Week Exhibit

Starting February 2 until April 7, the Best of Denver Fashion Week Exhibit will be on display at the McNichols Civic Center in central Denver. The exhibit presents a ten-year history of the best of the best of Denver’s Fashion Weeks.


The exhibit has “featured fashion photography will take you behind the scenes of multiple memorable runway shows, whereas exclusive local designs will be showcased through unique installations.” Those visiting will be able to dive into Denver’s remarkable fashion scene, while also learning about the history of style in the city.

With Fashion Week occurring currently in numerous cities around the world and Denver Fashion week in the near future, now is the perfect time to glimpse global fashion through a local perspective. Denver’s fashion scene has continued to rise, and with Denver Fashion Week coming up in the Spring, learning about its history over the last decade will give visitors intel on the extraordinary industry the city has developed.

Ella Zeiler