Spring 2019 Color Trends

Another season draws near, and wardrobes will need some spring cleaning. Last year, lavender, millennial pink, and prints lit up the runways. 

Want to know what colors you need for this year’s seasonal update?

Soft Lilac

Many high profile designers have used lilac in the past four years, thanks to '80s hues making a comeback. Its unique Vaporwave-y vibe evokes an ethereal and nostalgic feeling. We expect it to continue popping up in the coming season. However, its recent variation, soft lilac is much more subdued, so it fits with flowing and simple designs that do not have to rely on multiple layers to create an interesting look.

Image Credit: Flickr

Deep Orange

Like lilac, orange was the rage back in 2018. And as bright and bold colors continue to dominate, deep orange will define 2019's spring season. Deep orange can be used to spice up an outfit, whether it’s with a pair of deep orange glasses or a hat. It’s a vivid and spunky color that is perfect for people with outgoing personalities. As we say goodbye to the winter months and bask in the heat, wearing orange can bring positive energy.

Image Credit: Flickr

Cherry Red

Cherry red has all the fierceness of red, but with a playful touch. It reminds us of candy, summer flings, and sultry lips. For a more striking look, you can rock the color as outerwear. The double-breasted peacoat on Woman Within comes in the very same shade, and can be worn just about anywhere, as you can wear it with jeans for a stylish casual outfit or with a dress for more formal affairs. The hue is a true attention-grabber. As we have previously reported here on Ultra5280, we expect suits to be in vogue this coming season, too. It's a great time to adopt a fierce androgynous look with a cherry red coat, a pair of oversized pants, and boots.

Image Credit: Instagram salymoodvintage

Living Coral

Living coral is Pantone’s Color of the Year, and we dare say that it deserves the recognition. Pantone says that the color symbolizes our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits.. and embodies our desire for playful expression.” Indeed, living coral’s golden undertones and pink-orange are very bold without being too loud. This vibrant yet mellow color hasn’t made an appearance for a few years, but it is well overdue a comeback. 

There are many ways to rock living coral, whether it’s as a puffy top or as an accessory like a handbag. While the color has a casual and urban vibe, it is often deemed rather classy too.

Image Credit: Instagram hybrid_closet

Marigold Yellow

Like living coral, marigold is expected to blow up this spring. The banana cream color is everywhere, from Instagram to Kate Spade New York, Monse, and from a whole load of other high fashion designers. This bright and funky color is fast replacing Millennial Pink as the demographic’s color of choice, although it’s not an easy color to pull off. But as spring approaches, marigold will fit right in. A marigold jacket or tee is a good way to incorporate the color into your wardrobe, especially if you’re wearing a marigold full dress feels too intense.

Image Credit: Instagram gen.z.yellow