New Season, New Outfits

A change in seasons means, once again, Fashion Week is here! Trends, old and new, have been featured on runways around the world, and here they are from the beginning of Spring Fashion Week 2019. Watch out - they can easily influence your wardrobe for the changing seasons!

1. Women in Suits

We’ve seen more and more that women are wearing what are considered more masculine looks. With 2018 labeled the “Year of the Woman,” there is no denying that 2019 will continue to display woman in clothing that strays from expectations. There are no rules in fashion and we can predict that both men and woman will blur the lines between what they’ve been told they should wear and what they can wear.

Models across several runways, like Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford featured below at New York Fashion Week 2019, are sporting pantsuits of all kinds. Whether it’s a satin fabric creating a dark classic look, or a white suit featuring a deep V-neck and a more formal structure, this trend effortlessly combines masculine fashion trends with classic women’s pieces.

Ralph Lauren NYFW 2019- Harper BAZAAR UK

Tom Ford NYFW 2019 Harpers BAZAAR UK

2. Glitter and Metallic

Ralph Lauren did not hesitate to display his love for silver and golds. Displayed on everything from gowns to belts to sweaters, his shimmery hues and gold glitter were featured from head to toe on the runway. Amazingly, he made statement pieces featuring this trend, but also produced more everyday, wearable looks for the casual fashionista.

Ralph Lauren NYFW 2019- VOGUE

Ralph Lauren NYFW 2019- VOGUE

3. Oversized Sweaters

The oversized sweater trend made its debut early last year, seen often in streetwear style. However, the trend has taken control of the runway, converting the seemingly casual look into something far more formal. Khaithe’s 2019 collection displayed several oversized sweaters, paired with anything from suede flare pants to latex pieces. There is no denying that this trend is easy to style and wear, whether you prefer formal or casual.

Fashion Week has only just begun and this is only the start of the spectacular looks and trends that will be seen on this year’s runway so, keep a look out!

Khaite NYFW 2019- Harpers BAZAAR UK

Khaite NYFW 2019- Harpers BAZAAR UK

Ella Zeiler