Good Charlotte Delivers Messages of Inclusion and Hope With Their Nostalgic Reunion Tour

All photos by Aly McClaran

Many of us cherish the bands we’ve grown with and loved throughout the years. Bands that transport us back to our youth. Songs we yelled through the walls of our bedrooms as angsty preteens and teens. We bellowed the choruses in our cars driving nowhere with our friends. The bands that covered our bedroom walls. Bands that we weren’t able to catch live because we loved them as children and many had since stopped touring to build families of their own. For many of us that grew up in the early 2000’s Good Charlotte is that band. However… the tour is back on, baby. Last week we were able to catch the Madden brothers and the rest of the beloved emo pop/punk group at The Ogden Theater. Our adult souls left our body and our sad, teen souls came to replace it.

Young and Hopeless. (Photo Credit: Aly McClaran)

Good Charlotte initiated their Denver set with classic “Young & Hopeless” banger ‘The Anthem.’ The crowd was immediately overcome and alive with nostalgic energy. After the first few songs, Joel Madden addressed the cheering crowd and announced at how ecstatic the band was to be back out on tour and especially coming through Denver, “A city that’s always been good to us.”

Joel, and Benji as well, were very in-tune and engaged with the crowd throughout the entirety of the night. Before another “Young & Hopeless” hit ‘Riot Girl,’ J. Madden approached the crowd with an inspiring message about what it means to be a “Riot Girl” in today’s climate. “It’s not easy coming up as a girl in this world. I don’t understand what that means, but I’m saying respect it. The world needs you. I think about who’s gonna save the world and it’s you -the girls are gonna save the world. We love you and we need you. Thank you for coming to the show.” Okay we’re crying. Our Joel Madden crushes were back full force after that wonderful, inclusive moment. We’re riot girls and we’re taking on the fucking world.

“How many of you are OG fans? How many of you are at your first Good Charlotte show because you were too young to see us growing up?” Asked J. Madden, while those applicable shot their hands in the air, us included. “Let’s play some OG stuff for you guys.” The band followed with Self Titled album hit ‘Little Things’ and a requested song from the crowd ‘Festival Song.’ Then diving back into more “Young & Hopeless” favorites ‘Girls and Boys,’ ‘Wondering,’ and ‘The Story of My Old Man,’ followed by a few favorites from “The Chronicles of Life and Death,” ‘I Just Wanna Live,” and ‘Predictable.’

Good Charlotte Bringing Back The Old School Vibes (Photo Credit: Aly McClaran)

B. Madden felt moved in the moment and addressed the crowd. “In this world there’s so much hate and so much division right now. I’m in this room tonight and the vibe is so good. I wanna tell you that governments are fucked up, people are great. Look at everyone with compassion and kindness and good vibes like there are in this room. Everyone needs more of this. Everyone needs more of Denver, Colorado.” Goosebumps overcame us and in that moment it felt like everyone was making a heartfelt pledge to do so.

The band wrapped the end of the show with a few new hits from the last couple of years. From “Youth Authority,” ‘Life Changes,’ and from their newest album “Generation Rx,” ‘Actual Pain,’ and ‘Prayers.’ J. Madden professed how much fun the band was having with the crowd, riding on the wave of good energy and love for the band and kept exceeding their set time. He said,“You’ve changed the trajectory of our lives forever. Not just us but our friends, our parents, our nieces and nephews, our families. Thank you. I just wanted to tell you that when you get knocked down and feel like you can’t go on those are the moments that define you and me. You’re gonna be glad you didn’t end it there, “ said J. Madden as the first few chords of ‘Hold On’ echoed through the room. A song with a powerful message of resilience through the worst of times. The band wrapped officially with “Young & Hopeless” hits, ‘Young & Hopeless’ and finally with ‘Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous.’

Good Charlotte, thank you for transporting us back to a simpler time and for your messages of hope, resilience and inclusion. We’ll love you forever - we promise.

Joel Madden of Good Charlotte. (Photo Credit: Aly McClaran)