First Listen: "Heat Dish" Motion Trap x Reed Fox ft. Megan Crooks

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We have music for you courtesy of Motion Trap and Treed Fox ft. Megan Crooks. I know you are saying to yourself “i’ve seen these names before”, chances are you have they all dabble in several projects here in Denver. These individuals got together for this track and wanted to share a bit of the background on how it came to be.

Reed Fox:

Jeremy Averitt, Kevin Netz, Megan Crooks & I are in a band called Moon Hammer. I became obsessed with House music two years ago and started writing my first House track that developed into Heat Dish when Kevin, Jeremy, and I were hanging out. Megan and I have collaborated on a few dozen tracks and we scheduled a time for her to write lyrics and record vocals over it. She's one of my favorite people to collaborate with and she wrote and recorded the vocals in a couple of hours. It was the dead of winter and all we had to keep warm was a heat dish in Moon Magnet Studios at the time so we named the song after it.

Moon Hammer reimagines and performs Heat Dish live at shows. We're playing it on PBS Sounds on 29th this Saturday as well as the UMS and MCA later this summer.

The original is out on Spotify

Megan Crooks:

Sometimes beautiful things come together in the chaos of this world. I truly believe that the musical bond we share is cosmic! 

When asked how the idea for this specific track came about Kyle of Motion Trap explained:

I’m pretty sure the idea first came up at Fort Greene in Denver during a Nothing Matters event. I remember running into Reed and we started talking about some new Decollage songs he was planning to release. He mentioned he was thinking about remixes on a couple of the tracks. Motion Trap has always loved their music so I jump at a chance to give my spin to it. I think I texted him the next morning asking for the files.

One trend we have noticed recently in the Denver music scene is the amount of collaborations that have recently popped up. Kyle mentions that collaborations are “definitely complimentary! It’s a lot of fun for me to work with other artists’ songs. It’s always fun to see how other people create and what their process is like. Reed is a fun dude to be around too!”

Crooks added, “I've noticed that trend as well! I think it is something that is happening naturally. We are experiencing so much change both in the music community, and in personal lives that things are shifting. But we're musicians, we can't just stop creating! I think as a whole people are banding together in new ways to embrace the shock of inevitable change- politically, in community, and personally! “

Tell us what you think of the new jam?

Cheap (or Free) Music Events To Keep On Your Radar

Photo of a Peer Review event by Dani Lopez-Cruz  Instagram here.

Photo of a Peer Review event by Dani Lopez-Cruz Instagram here.

 Summer is coming, which means concert season is upon us. If you’re anything like me, you’re a hard working twenty-something that cannot justify buying all the concert tickets you dream to, but still want to reach your social butterfly potential. I’m here to tell you about some free or cheap, reoccurring, music-focused events so you can get into summer-mode, have a few cheap thrills, and save some dough for when you decide to drop the ball and buy a $65 Red Rocks ticket anyway.

The Lituation @ Hi Dive, Milk Bar, Meadowlark

Weird Touch @ Syntax Physic Opera and other venues

Photo of a Lituation event by Mike Meylor.  Instagram here.

Photo of a Lituation event by Mike Meylor. Instagram here.

Big Trouble @ Zepplin Station brings in DJ’s like Peer Review, Weird Touch, etc.

Sunday Laundry @ Lodo’s Bar and Grill

Photo of a Peer Review event by Dani Lopez-Cruz  Instagram here.

Photo of a Peer Review event by Dani Lopez-Cruz Instagram here.

NSO ‘No Special Occasion’ @ The 715

Live Jazz Mondays @ The Meadowlark

A.M. Rolling Sundays @ Hudson Hill

Junk Drawer @ Trade Denver

Sunday Funday @ Ace Eat Serve


These are some of my favorite events in our lively city, but by no means is this all that’s going on. All of your favorite dive bars have live music on one day or another, and thankfully we live in the digital age, where most those places update their happenings on Instagram or Facebook.

Some other venues to check out: Your Mom’s House, Ophelia’s, Lost Lake, Hi Dive, Sputnik, Mutiny Cafe, The White Whale Room, Rhinoceropolis, Lion’s Lair.

Also, pro tip, follow your favorite artists, venues, and publications (DUH, ULTRA5280) on social media because more often than not there’s a contest running, offering you MORE FREE STUFF. Who doesn’t love that? So Denver, what are we doing tonight?

Calpurnia To Invade Colorado This Week


Indie rock darlins’ Calpurnia are set to play a slew of Colorado dates this week. The band will roll through Denver, Ft. Collins, and Boulder with Colorado faves Slow Caves. Tickets are still available for three shows.

Calpurnia is a 4-piece from Vancouver, Canada, led by Finn Wolfhard. Through a chance meeting on the set of a music video shoot, Finn and drummer Malcolm Craig hit it off immediately. This chemistry then led to Ayla Tesler-Mabe and Jack Anderson to join the band, and through their unequivocal passion for music, Calpurnia was created. The band's debut record, produced by Cadien Lake James (Twin Peaks) was released in June 2018 on Royal Mountain Records (Mac DeMarco, Alvvays, PUP) 

Tyto Alba Exceeds Expectations With Its Latest Full Length Album Sucker


You can always tell when a band pours its heart out, Tyto Alba has been perfecting their craft for the last two years to bring us one of the most impressive albums of 2019. Their latest album Sucker hinges on all the blood, sweat and tears poured into this album. The production is stellar as it captures each bands members strengths to formulate a flawless sound that carries from the first track all the way until the ending. The band hasn’t even scratched the surface to what it can become, but with Sucker it has them taking that first step to becoming great. Often bunched into the shoe-gaze category, the band has carefully tiptoed around the genre to expand itself into a more indie feeling with this album. The bands sound has matured in a short period of time exhibiting the amount of patience that has equated to an album that is remarkable in all facets.

Melodic tempos and subtle hazy (not dark) overtones define the album with lead singer Melanie Steinway taking control with her soothing and infectious lyrics. Standout track for us would be “Papillon”, which perfectly starts off with a whimsical guitar intro in which Steinway’s vocals take over to dominate the song. The song plays straight out of an 80’s vibe with hints of The Cure present in amazing guitar and bass tones. Other notable hits include “Somnabulist” which we premiered here almost a year ago. The last track “Natural Selection” feels like the most personal song as things slow down a bit to showcase the bands ability to change tempo and tug at the heartstrings. Overall a well polished album that conjures up the feels of accomplishment that is well represented with each note played. The band has a few upcoming dates and we suggest you check the band out.

June 7th Ivory Circle + String Quartet w/ Tyto Alba, Bluebook, DJ Alf

June 17th Film On The Rocks: Mean Girls

July 26-28 The Underground Music Showcase

2019 Underground Music Showcase Lineup Revealed

The 2019 Underground Music Showcase has revealed their lineup today. The festival takes place in a multitude of venues along Broadway, in Denver, Colorado. More details on specific stages and locations will be announced closer to the festival.. Supporting artists include Empress Of, Yves Tumor, DRAMA, Sophie Meiers, LEIKELI47, Y La Bamba, Gardens & Villa, William Elliott Whitmore, Miya Folick, Tessa Violet, Haviah Mighty, Liza Anne, Spooky Mansion, Greyhounds, Dressy Bessy, DBUK, SWSH, Kainalu, Jackie Mendoza, Clavvs, Rapperchicks, Rich Jones, Divino Niño, Parallelephants, Deezie Brown, Garrett T Capps and more and more than 200 acts from across Colorado. Three-day weekend tickets are now available for $50. The three-day weekend tickets include general admission access to all musical performances and all stages, all weekend long.

“UMS is a strong representation of all types of music. This year’s lineup of national and local bands was strategically designed to showcase the volume of musically talented individuals Denver has grown while also inviting some national acts to crash the party” said Tobias Krause, Event Director of Underground Music Showcase. “Denver’s music scene is growing and shaping into something special, something worth putting Denver on the map as a nationally recognized ‘music city.’ We have put our heart and soul into ensuring UMS helps grow that positive image for all Denver artists while keeping the soul of this underground music community alive.”

We are very much looking to cover the amazing lineup once again and stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the festival.