The Velveteers Shine As They Embark On Their UK Tour

Demi Dimitro of The Velveteers (Photo Credit: Kate Rose)

On Saturday The Velveteers kicked off their UK tour with a show in Denver at the Bluebird Theater. The venue was filled with fans eager to support this badass trifecta and wish them well on their tour. The eerie mood was easily set between the incredible stage design, created by Sierra Voss, and fog rolling out into the crowd. The stage was covered in candles and roses, five floating eyes, a handpainted banner, along with vintage TVs displaying hypnotizing clips of the band. Add all of that to the already impactful sound of The Velveteers and you were left with an almost out of body experience. Your eyes continuously move around the stage between the set design, Demi’s euphoric voice paired with her fluid guitar strokes, to wanting to watch John and Adrian complement each other’s drumming prowess. This has been a wonderful group to watch grow, and we’re definitely ready to see where they go from here.

The band is set to hit the stage again overseas on September 10th at Broadcast in Glasgow.

Words and Images- Kate Rose

Pepper / Less Than Jake : February 3, 2017 : The Ogden Theatre

Ska punk lovers of the world reunited for nostalgic sets by pioneers Pepper and Less Than Jake last Friday at The Ogden Theatre. Our good friend Miles Chrisinger was on hand to capture some of the shots!

Music | “Way Down We Go", Falling In Love with Kaleo

Last Saturday night, Denver got a taste of southern rock from the most unlikely of sources: an Icelandic rock band with a knack for rhythm & blues. If you’re looking for some new music to get you through your week, look no further than Kaleo’s dynamic new album A/B. Although the band played Denver before their debut album was available to the masses, it didn’t stop fans from dancing along beginning to end of the set.

press image courtesy of Atlantic Records.

Kaleo's show at the Gothic Theatre kicked off with the same opening track as the record, “No Good”. A foot-stomping, hand-clapping sing along, the raucous crowd didn’t hesitate to let the band know how happy they were to have them on stage. The band's first record, self-titled Kaleo, featured six songs, five of which went to number one on the charts, leading to a slew of performances across Europe in 2013. Their latest release, A/B feels just as promising, and the radio single “Way Down We Go” is already burning up the charts. The album is an eclectic yet fluid mix of sounds and feelings, guiding the listener through a journey with vocalist and lead guitarist JJ Julius Son. Tracks like “No Good”, Glass House”, and “Automobile” pay homage to the band’s American home of Austin, Texas with southern-style guitars, bluesy solos, and soulful lyrics reminiscent of the “good ol’ days”. The tracks “All The Pretty Girls”, and “Vor í vaglaskógi” (a unique take on a traditional Icelandic ballad) showcase the bands diversity in style and sound, as well as lead vocalist Son’s haunting precision with his falsetto. The high note towards the end of “Vor í vaglaskógi” seems impossible to hit live for someone with such a low chest voice, but when it came time on Saturday night, JJ Julius Son hit it with ease, and the Theatre fell silent in awe. 

Since the album had not been released prior to their Denver performance, the crowd was very different than your typical performance. Without the ability to sing along, it felt like much of the audience continued to chat together throughout the set, but although they were talking, it was clear they were listening as well. The audience clapped along as the band commanded, hollered at all the right moments, and respected the intensity that came along with ballads. This feeling of respect met with unfamiliarity was reminiscent of a fantastic house band playing at a bar (albeit with much, much better material than i’ve ever stumbled across at a local dive), creating an exuberant atmosphere enjoyed by all, without creating the dividers often felt by performers with diehard fanbases or more experiential set. Now that the record is out and I’ve become more familiar with the tracks, thinking back on the show makes it even more enjoyable, realizing that the strength and power felt in the moment by certain songs has translated into the recording. Creating a record that captures the same energy as a live performance is a feat not easily accomplished, and Kaleo has done just that. The anticipation for my next chance to see them live has only grown with each listen. We yet know the next time Kaleo will be in Colorado, but you can prepare yourself by listening to A/B, which is now available on iTunes, Spotify, or from your favorite local record shop.

An Evening With Dr. Dog | Review | Ogden Theatre | February 19, 2015

Sometimes the best way to take a trip back in time is to take a step forward. The gentleman of Dr. Dog seem to be experts of this time-warped notion — capturing the sounds of lo-fi, psychedelic rock from the 60’s and 70’s with a beautiful, modern twist, easily proving the idea of history repeating itself. The six-piece from Pennsylvania gave fans in Denver the optimal chance to witness their unique musical stylings since opener Hanni El Khatib could not make the show, leaving Dr. Dog to perform two full sets at The Ogden this past Thursday night.

Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog. Photo credit: Maddie Casey

We haven’t seen Dr. Dog live since they played “Lynxapalooza”, the University of Colorado Denver’s inaugural campus concert in 2013. Playing that show with groups like The Antlers and Blind Pilot, Dr. Dog was an uplifting crowd pleaser mixed into an otherwise mellow lineup. Thursday’s show was almost the opposite as the band chose to open for themselves, giving them optimal time to play both deep cuts as well as fan favorites that spanned the tempo spectrum. A group with uncompromising musical skill, this sextet took full advantage of their extra time on stage, switching places, switching instruments, and jamming out on songs like “Heavy Light” and “Jackie Wants a Black Eye”. Digging as deep as 2007’s We All Belong with the track “Alaska”, the band took no shortcuts through their discography, leaving fans from every era of the band’s changing styles happy. Although the band surprisingly skipped over songs like “The ABCs” off their very first EP Toothbrush, I personally enjoyed hearing newer songs off records like Be The Void fleshed out live. This group has perfected the daunting task of producing new records that have the same warmth and “lo-fi” feel of decades past, and although the sound is a welcome change for listeners at home bouncing through albums, I feel like the group’s raw musical abilities are sometimes overshadowed by their minimalistic recordings. In order to really understand the skill, talent, and beauty that is the music of Dr. Dog, one must see them live and hear them unfiltered and unrestrained - Thursday felt like the perfect showcase for fans both new and old. The whole room was bobbing and jiving from the beginning of set one to the send of set two, still calling for an encore as the group finished “That Old Black Hole” - after already playing for just over two full hours. The band seemed to enjoy this unique show opportunity, with bassist Toby Leaman noting “We’re doing two sets tonight, and we don’t get to do this very often! We hope y’all enjoy it as much as we will”. 

Dr. Dog.  Photo credit: Maddie Casey

A beautiful show both musically and visually, we had a blast rocking out with these retro-fitted rock-n-roll gentleman all night long. If harmonious, 60’s-style California pop sounds up your alley, do yourself and check into the clinic of Dr. Dog as fast as possible. The band is out on tour through the end of April with mewithoutYou, and are slated to open for Dispatch this summer at Madison Square Garden. No word when they’ll be back through Denver, but we hope to see them return soon. 

- Maddie Casey

Hank Williams 3 | Ogden Theatre | October 6, 2014

Hank Williams during his Country set. photo credit: David Burke

No other family of musical artists than the forebears of this legendary name Hank Williams have truly captured the heart of what it means to be a country outlaw, a Southern rebel, and a despicable bastard in the eyes of our more uppity brothers and sisters. Three generations of this inglorious family have dominated the Southern consciousness since the early 1930s when the name's original bearer (Hiram) Hank Williams, Sr. picked up his Silvertone guitar and stepped in front of the microphone in Montgomery, Alabama, transcending into American mythology. 

Hank 3, the grandson of this original outlaw, played at The Ogden Theatre this past week, and his show had 3 concerts in one; the first a country western set with 6 band members, next up a hillbilly set with 4 band members, and finally a speed/doom metal performance with just himself, a drummer and a synthesizer for dissonant sounds. Although I am not a country music fan, Hank 3’s performance demands respect as I found my self thumping my foot to songs like “Mississippi Mud”, and straight-up head banging with the horns in the air to “Angus of Death” as I placed myself dead center in front of his amazing show. He even sang two of his grandfather’s songs, “If The Shoe Fits” and “I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive”. I don't think I have ever heard the original versions but I really dug his rocking version!

photo credit: David Burke

For over 4 hours Hank play non-stop as band members rotated instruments and line up changes. He appeared unfazed as random fans surfed onto the stage, danced around him an then plummeted back onto the hard venue floor. I was a ball of sweat at the nights end and look forward to his return here in Denver!

Long live Hank III 



Mississippi Mud, Straight to Hell, If The Shoe Fits (Hank Williams cover), Rebel Within, Day By Day, Dyin’ Day, Hurtin’ For Certain, Six Pack of Beer, D Ray White, I’ll Never Get out of this World Alive (Hank Williams cover), Brothers of The 4x4, Low Down, Not Everybody Likes Us

Hank 3 Ogden Theatre Denver Colorado 10/06/14

Dixie In Dixie, Face Down, In The Camouflage, Angus of Death, Cow Sold, Countin’ Cows