Hank Williams 3 | Ogden Theatre | October 6, 2014

Hank Williams during his Country set. photo credit: David Burke

No other family of musical artists than the forebears of this legendary name Hank Williams have truly captured the heart of what it means to be a country outlaw, a Southern rebel, and a despicable bastard in the eyes of our more uppity brothers and sisters. Three generations of this inglorious family have dominated the Southern consciousness since the early 1930s when the name's original bearer (Hiram) Hank Williams, Sr. picked up his Silvertone guitar and stepped in front of the microphone in Montgomery, Alabama, transcending into American mythology. 

Hank 3, the grandson of this original outlaw, played at The Ogden Theatre this past week, and his show had 3 concerts in one; the first a country western set with 6 band members, next up a hillbilly set with 4 band members, and finally a speed/doom metal performance with just himself, a drummer and a synthesizer for dissonant sounds. Although I am not a country music fan, Hank 3’s performance demands respect as I found my self thumping my foot to songs like “Mississippi Mud”, and straight-up head banging with the horns in the air to “Angus of Death” as I placed myself dead center in front of his amazing show. He even sang two of his grandfather’s songs, “If The Shoe Fits” and “I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive”. I don't think I have ever heard the original versions but I really dug his rocking version!

photo credit: David Burke

For over 4 hours Hank play non-stop as band members rotated instruments and line up changes. He appeared unfazed as random fans surfed onto the stage, danced around him an then plummeted back onto the hard venue floor. I was a ball of sweat at the nights end and look forward to his return here in Denver!

Long live Hank III 



Mississippi Mud, Straight to Hell, If The Shoe Fits (Hank Williams cover), Rebel Within, Day By Day, Dyin’ Day, Hurtin’ For Certain, Six Pack of Beer, D Ray White, I’ll Never Get out of this World Alive (Hank Williams cover), Brothers of The 4x4, Low Down, Not Everybody Likes Us

Hank 3 Ogden Theatre Denver Colorado 10/06/14

Dixie In Dixie, Face Down, In The Camouflage, Angus of Death, Cow Sold, Countin’ Cows