Music | Red Bull Sound Select Denver Presents: Twin Peaks, Ned Garthe Explosion and Plum | May 14, 2015 | Hi-Dive

Another edition of the Red Bull Sound Select concert series is about to take place this coming Thursday at the Hi-Dive with an awesome trio of bands including Twin Peaks and local favorites Ned Garthe Explosion and Plum. We know what you are asking how do I get tickets to such a prestigious event? Will it's pretty simple all you have to do is RSVP HERE and it will only cost you a whopping 3 bucks. We had a chance to chat it up with the members of Plum recently and get their take on influences and what the band has in store for the coming months.


U5280: You describe your sound as psychedelic rock and roll. Who are some of your influences?

Plum: We take bits and pieces from the aesthetic of basically any band who falls under our definition of psychedelic or rock and roll, but along with that we take away some of the characteristics of the first wave of “Pop” music in the 60’s and 70’s.

U5280: Where did the name Plum come from?

Plum: We were struggling to come up with a name so we decided to take a trip together. We turned off all the lights and covered every crack in the room until we couldn’t tell if our eyes were opened or closed. We played our demos and it just seemed obvious.

U5280: You guys have currently been riding a wave with a rather short catalog, has that been a challenge and what should we expect on Thursday?

Plum: What we’ve released and our performances are two different things. Don’t be fooled by the pace of our releases, we’ve still got a lot up our sleeves.

U5280: You recently released “Behind Your Man” in March, what kind of response have you received from the single?

Plum: We had a great time cutting that number and still love playing it.  After we release something though, you have to let it go, let it carry it’s own weight from there. The second it’s out there; we’ve already begun on the next endeavor.

U5280: Describe your live show for anybody who hasn’t seen it?

Plum: We would prefer the audience to come to their own conclusion, rather than us setting parameters for the experience.

U5280: What is in store the rest of the year for Plum?

Plum: We don’t want to say too much and spoil any of it… expect big things.

U5280: If you had a chance to tour with any band (any generation) who would that be?

Plum: Stillwater.