Tyto Alba Exceeds Expectations With Its Latest Full Length Album Sucker


You can always tell when a band pours its heart out, Tyto Alba has been perfecting their craft for the last two years to bring us one of the most impressive albums of 2019. Their latest album Sucker hinges on all the blood, sweat and tears poured into this album. The production is stellar as it captures each bands members strengths to formulate a flawless sound that carries from the first track all the way until the ending. The band hasn’t even scratched the surface to what it can become, but with Sucker it has them taking that first step to becoming great. Often bunched into the shoe-gaze category, the band has carefully tiptoed around the genre to expand itself into a more indie feeling with this album. The bands sound has matured in a short period of time exhibiting the amount of patience that has equated to an album that is remarkable in all facets.

Melodic tempos and subtle hazy (not dark) overtones define the album with lead singer Melanie Steinway taking control with her soothing and infectious lyrics. Standout track for us would be “Papillon”, which perfectly starts off with a whimsical guitar intro in which Steinway’s vocals take over to dominate the song. The song plays straight out of an 80’s vibe with hints of The Cure present in amazing guitar and bass tones. Other notable hits include “Somnabulist” which we premiered here almost a year ago. The last track “Natural Selection” feels like the most personal song as things slow down a bit to showcase the bands ability to change tempo and tug at the heartstrings. Overall a well polished album that conjures up the feels of accomplishment that is well represented with each note played. The band has a few upcoming dates and we suggest you check the band out.

June 7th Ivory Circle + String Quartet w/ Tyto Alba, Bluebook, DJ Alf

June 17th Film On The Rocks: Mean Girls

July 26-28 The Underground Music Showcase