Tyto Alba Is Slowly Carving Its Niche As One Of The Best Bands In Denver

 Tyto Alba (Photo Credit: Christy Dodd)

Tyto Alba (Photo Credit: Christy Dodd)

New music alert courtesy of local dream pop outfit Tyto Alba. This local outfit is on its way to big things judging by its unique sound anchored by the beautiful and angelic voice of Melanie Steinway. At first listen you are automatically taken into a fictional world were all seems perfect despite the dark rhythms and somber undertones of a band that meshes perfectly with Steinway's ability to make you feel as you are the center of the song.

Somnambulist is a dreamy summertime song to pick listeners out of that end-of-winter slump. The song title means “a sleepwalker,” something we’re sure most of us have felt like at one time or another as we hazily crawl from day to day, questioning reality or wondering if there was something we missed.

The band channels its inner Beach House with a track that conjures up a dream-like sequence in which you are taken to an imaginary place in which the sun is gleaming and the waves of the ocean are crashing into a cliff side. A place were you want to be, free of any distraction.

The track was recorded at King Sequoia Studios in Boulder, CO and mixed/mastered by Colin Bricker of Mighty Fine Productions in Denver.

Tyto Alba will be joining Edison and Esme Patterson on Thursday, March 15th at Syntax Physic Opera for a Treefort Kickoff Show. All three acts will be performing at Treefort Music Fest in Boise, ID (https://www.treefortmusicfest.com/). The show is $10, 21+, and will begin at 9PM.

Shortly after the kickoff show, Tyto Alba will be hitting the road for a two week tour surrounding Treefort that takes them up to Portland, OR and down the West Coast to San Fransisco, CA before heading home to Denver. Most of the tour will be accompanied by Esme Patterson, who will be performing solo (see tour poster for full agenda).

Few thoughts of romance these days
Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Leave me in my coat of dust
Idle cogs and gears giving birth to rust
A dull ache in every vertebrae
But it's nothing to write home about
A soft spot for these summer days
I could tell you games that I'd like to play
Trashing up my head
Monsters will do what monsters do But it's inexplicable
Especially to you
I could use some peace of mind Knowing that we'll all survive
And I try to tell myself it's fine When all existing instincts collide

Tyto Alba is a four piece dream-pop band from Denver, Colorado. 

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