First Listen: "Heat Dish" Motion Trap x Reed Fox ft. Megan Crooks

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We have music for you courtesy of Motion Trap and Treed Fox ft. Megan Crooks. I know you are saying to yourself “i’ve seen these names before”, chances are you have they all dabble in several projects here in Denver. These individuals got together for this track and wanted to share a bit of the background on how it came to be.

Reed Fox:

Jeremy Averitt, Kevin Netz, Megan Crooks & I are in a band called Moon Hammer. I became obsessed with House music two years ago and started writing my first House track that developed into Heat Dish when Kevin, Jeremy, and I were hanging out. Megan and I have collaborated on a few dozen tracks and we scheduled a time for her to write lyrics and record vocals over it. She's one of my favorite people to collaborate with and she wrote and recorded the vocals in a couple of hours. It was the dead of winter and all we had to keep warm was a heat dish in Moon Magnet Studios at the time so we named the song after it.

Moon Hammer reimagines and performs Heat Dish live at shows. We're playing it on PBS Sounds on 29th this Saturday as well as the UMS and MCA later this summer.

The original is out on Spotify

Megan Crooks:

Sometimes beautiful things come together in the chaos of this world. I truly believe that the musical bond we share is cosmic! 

When asked how the idea for this specific track came about Kyle of Motion Trap explained:

I’m pretty sure the idea first came up at Fort Greene in Denver during a Nothing Matters event. I remember running into Reed and we started talking about some new Decollage songs he was planning to release. He mentioned he was thinking about remixes on a couple of the tracks. Motion Trap has always loved their music so I jump at a chance to give my spin to it. I think I texted him the next morning asking for the files.

One trend we have noticed recently in the Denver music scene is the amount of collaborations that have recently popped up. Kyle mentions that collaborations are “definitely complimentary! It’s a lot of fun for me to work with other artists’ songs. It’s always fun to see how other people create and what their process is like. Reed is a fun dude to be around too!”

Crooks added, “I've noticed that trend as well! I think it is something that is happening naturally. We are experiencing so much change both in the music community, and in personal lives that things are shifting. But we're musicians, we can't just stop creating! I think as a whole people are banding together in new ways to embrace the shock of inevitable change- politically, in community, and personally! “

Tell us what you think of the new jam?