Macky D, Making Denver Extra Happy!

Mac Demarco (Photo Credit: Coley Brown)

Mac Demarco (Photo Credit: Coley Brown)

Have you ever seen an episode of Trailer Park Boys? The boisterous Canadian comedy tv show is described on Wikipedia as a “mockumentary television series focused on the lives and misadventures of a group of trailer park residents, some of who are convicts.” Seeing Mac Demarco is like that, but to a wonderfully sentimental indie soundtrack.

Monday evening, surrounded by dad hats and rolled up blue jeans, Red Rocks may have only been 80% full, but the Macky D spirit was alive and well. I met kids as young as 16, and saw people waaaaay older than myself, which I always appreciate. If you know Mac Demarco’s music, you know it is way more introspective and sweet than his outward demeanor, so it was nice to see people who appreciate the music for what it is attending the live show. True to his often rowdy behavior, Mac caked some people in the crowd on behalf of a bandmate’s birthday (Steve Aoki style), gave a girl in the front row the microphone, to which she exclaimed she was on K to the crowd (hehe, oh Red Rocks), and layed down flat on his back to sing most of “My Kind of Woman”. A slowed down, mildy hilarious back and forth between a crowd who only half knew the words was genuine, fun, and interactive. How often does the crowd feel that the artist on stage could be their friend?

The setlist included newest songs from most recently released album This Old Dog(2017), but old boy knows his crowd, and knows his fans run deep, so he included fan favorites running back as far as 2(2012). Talk about a crowd pleaser! Also, maybe a personal bias, but choosing to finish with 2013 hit “Still Together” was really awesome to see! Plus, it was a wonderfully soft finish before the after show at Larimer Lounge, which frankly I only saw Instagram stories of, but looked much rowdier and lit as hell. Going back to the Trailer Park Boys, Mac Demarco is a sweet, talented, rowdy Canadian boy to the core, and it is truly an experience.

Noname opened for Mac Demarco and did an incredible job, warming the crowd up for the fun to come. Although a slightly strange combination in the lineup, the crowd seemed to be into everything involved, despite the difference in genre and general vibes. I would have liked to see the older EP era Noname, but really glad to see her saucy self nonetheless.

My only criticism towards this show has to be towards Red Rocks Ampitheathre itself, because despite being the most beautiful venue in the world, every time I attend, I am continuously disappointed by the sound, or rather the lack thereof. Every show would be better if the artist had the opportunity to let their music ring through the rocks as was the case only a few years ago.

 10/10 would recommend, y’all! Mac Demarco is continuously fun, talented, and always growing as an artist. If you get the chance, check him out!