Childish Gambino Proves Why He Is The Best Entertainer In The Business

The show was a no-photo policy.

Donald Glover is what we can call a modern day Renaissance Man, a man who combines an array of talents and skills to entertain us. A skilled writer, actor, producer, dj and musician, Glover uses all of these components to provide us with his own unique methods of entertaining us.

Tuesday night it was his musical moniker of Childish Gambino that set the Pepsi Center a blaze with his performance. He tore through his 17 song set at will and urged concertgoers to put away their phones for the performance.”This is not a concert, this is church echoed through the packed house” Gambino is a showman with his customary screams and gyrating dance moves that are often portrayed in his videos. Seeing them come to life in a live setting is truly extraordinary.

Childish Gambino performing on his last tour ever. (iPhone photo: Robert Castro)

Gambino erupted through his short catalog (he’s only made three albums) of hits including “Worldstar”, “Summertime Magic” even making it through the lower corridors of the Pepsi Center randomly popping out of the 200 section to give the crowd and up close rendition of “Late Night In Kuai” and “Stand Tall”.

It was those moments that Gambino truly connected with the crowd and kept the energy hyped all night. Most artist complain about the altitude here in Denver, not a single word was mentioned by Gambino, add to that the fact that he is coming back from a recent leg injury, the dude left it all on the floor.

One of the best shows in Denver this year. (iPhone Photo: Robert Castro)

He erupted into “This Is America” to end his set and at that point you could feel the crowd give all they had left in the tank to dance and sing along. After a brief break he returned for his encore set including early catalog hits such as “Sweatpants”, “Sober”, and “3005”. It was an amazing experience to say the least and no better way to end the night than a crowd sing-a-long of “Redbone”, that sealed an epic night and for us a perfect way to send off Childish Gambino on his last tour ever.