Astroworld Invades Denver Thanks To Travis Scott!

Travis Scott spared no expensive on his Astroworld Tour. (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

If you are not familiar with Astroworld, let’s get into a brief history lesson. Astroworld was a Six Flags themed park (think Elitch Gardens) in the city of Houston that was demolished in 2005, it was one of the main attractions in the city of Houston and was known to introduce the very first water rapids ride. It was also home to many prototype rollercoasters that featured many twist and turns while suspended in the air. It was only fitting that Travis Scott took the amusement park from his hometown and brought it to life on this tour. After his performance here in Denver let’s just say he nailed it. Flanked by two stages one that resembled a circle-shaped apparatus suspended chair that took Scott in a 360 degree turn all while belting out lyrics. The other was a mini suspended roller coaster that was located right down the middle of the crowd suspended in the air.

The show got off with a bang as Scott tore through several songs accompanied by flames and pyrotechnics that are usually reserved for a Fourth of July celebration. While many expected him to appear from the main stage, he actually popped out from the back without anybody’s knowledge (we dropped hints to those by the stage during the openers set, you welcome kids). Opening up with a whirlwind as he danced across the stage with a frenzy (briefly mentioning the altitude, but who doesn’t).

The show was non-stop turbulent energy from beginning to end. Hits including “Antidote”, “Stargazing”, “Goosebumps”, and our nominee for song of the year “Sicko Mode”. Fans truly got their dollars worth with this performance, aside from the performance Scott has been one the true pioneers of the streetwear scene all evident by the most impressive selection of merchandise he offered. Lines stretched far and wide for an opportunity to sport the coveted “Wish You Were Here” $95 dollar hoodie. Astroworld although demolished was brought back to life for one special night. The night got off to a rowdy start by impressive openers Sheck Wes and Gunna Gunna who got the crowd all primed up for the main event of the night.n’t

Travis Scott performs in front of a packed Pepsi Center crowd. (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)