Catching Up With Wildermiss

We are always on the lookout for new music, especially homegrown music. Seeing that we have been doing this this for awhile we can safely say we know good music when we see it. Such is the case with Wildermiss, the four piece "supergroup" has exploded onto the scene and we were fortunate enough to chat with the band on various subjects. Huge thank you to these guys for taking time to speak with us. 

U5280: How did you all meet?

Wildermiss: A few months after Red Fox Run disbanded, Emma had her senior recital performance for CU Denver and asked her musician friends to perform with her. It was an amazing experience because it felt like a Denver Music Scene super group; members of Red Fox Run, Evinair, Overslept, and Avenhart all performed together for this show. After the show we quickly realized that we came across something unique. One thing led to the next and we created an entirely new project– Wildermiss.
U5280: How did the name Wildermiss come about?

Wildermiss: It quite literally came from missing out on the wilderness on a road trip. We liked Wildermiss because it sounds like wilderness but has a different meaning… Associating gender with wilderness but also has a longing for something wild and free. It is deep but still surface and there doesn't have to be a big head-trip meaning behind it. We like saying it too.
U5280: What bands or musicians would say are huge influences on your sound?

Wildermiss: Young The Giant, The Preatures, The National, The Beatles, Local Natives, Jet, Radiohead, Mutemath, Sylvan Esso, Twenty One Pilots, Phox, Half Moon Run, Coin, and many more.
U5280: Your song “Carry Your Heart" was produced by Joe Richmond, who is by far one of the best producers in Denver, what was it like working with Joe on this single?

Wildermiss: Joe is so great. He puts his heart into it. Carry Your Heart was our first song with a producer. We chose Joe and couldn't be happier with his ideas and the overall quality of our experience with him. We probably maybe definitely might have just finished tracking most of our first EP with this guy… Coming in Fall! ;)
U5280: Who are some of your favorite Denver bands and have they provided any words of wisdom?

Wildermiss: If we have learned anything about the music industry, it’s that nothing happens overnight and it takes a lot of work. We watch Denver artists like My Body Sings Electric and Brent Cowles consistently working hard to make it in this industry. It's so impressive and so important. It's definitely something we've believed in from the start.
U5280: You guys have a few dates coming up including The UMS, what can fans look forward to from that and going forward?

Wildermiss: We are constantly writing new music and working out new details in our live shows. Fans can expect to notice something different at each show as they watch us grow as artists. 
U5280: Wildermiss is one of the hottest acts right in Colorado, any plans to extend your fan base here in the future? Festivals, tour, music?

Wildermiss: Aw shucks. Yes, we are currently planning our EP release late Fall with a few tours to follow.
U5280: Favorite restaurant in Colorado?

Wildermiss: Sputniks corn dogs for life! Also, Adelitas on South Broadway.
U5280: If you had to have one musician sit in and do a song with you who would it be and why?

Wildermiss: Paul McCartney because he is a songwriting genius and we would love to understand his perspective on songwriting.