Instant Empire Deliver With New Single Spotlight | First Listen

It's Monday and while many of us are still recovering from the weekend (including us) we decided to awaken your musical senses with some new music courtesy of local boys Instant Empire. Just like that fresh cup of java, this is sure to add some bounce to your step this fine day. The band is set to play their album release show on July 22nd and if the rest of the album sounds anything like "Spotlight" we are in for a treat.

The first single is Spotlight and it's about a reoccurring and anxiety-laden dream I kept having while writing the album.  If you've ever had it, it's that dream you have where you are driving and your brakes stop working. That all stemmed from some "lack of control" issues I was having at the time.  Not a ton fun, but it led to this song ... definitely has a bit of a dream feel to it. 

I dream I am speeding
Careening towards a cliff
White-knuckle, sweating
Every muscle clenched
Shot toward the sun
Like a heat-seeking missile
A hijacked synapse
Streaking through these temples

The pavement is icing
I’m driving, I’m sliding
My words disappear
As I am typing
The doors have all opened
The neighbors are prying
The pavement is icing
I am fighting off dying

 The moon is a spotlight
Talons at midnight

Oh these small blue pills
Equal nighttime rest
Foggy windshield
And a pillowy headrest
Lazy river womb
An umbilical lifevest
A heartbeat slowing
To a trickle in my chest

Round here, lover
I’m carving out my name
The hunter steadied his rifle
And he’s pausing to aim
Everything is finite
This is a zero-sum game
Steal from me, brother
I’ll love you all the same

The moon is a spotlight
Talons at midnight

Carry me away. Carry me away ...