Mild Huh? Club

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Mild High Club, an artist on Stones Throw Records, played one of our favorite venues for intimate shows, Larimer Lounge on Sunday. The band has a psychedelic pop sound reminiscent of Mac Demarco, in addition to their own stylish flares like cowbell percussion, and classic jazz sounding interludes.

I may be the only one who thinks Mild High Club is a lightly misleading name due to the fact that the band isn’t from Denver, but it definitely is misleading to the ability of front man Alex Brettin’s ability to hang with his implied fellow stoners. During the performance, after quite a few inconsistencies with his voice and missing some of his cues, Brettin admitted to being too stoned. After that, Brettin moved to keys, which appear to be his strong suit because the performance then improved significantly.  

Similar to the structure of their newest album, Mild High Club played their strongest, most popular songs first, leading the crowd of fans into a sing along of “Windowpane”, “Homage”, and “Cary Me Back”. The rest kind of fell off for me, because nothing sounded nearly as good as it does on the studio version and it was a pretty forgettable set.

With two studio albums under their belt, Timeline (2015) and Skiptracing (2017) the band seems to be settling into their style and evolving, however there is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to the live performance. 6/10