Catching Up With New, Local Act, Nightlove: Interview


Although brand new on the music scene, artist Nightlove instantly sparked our interest when we first laid ears on him. Taylor MacNicholas is the hairy, tattooed genius behind the emerging 80's synth pop project. With just a sprinkle of emo flare in his vocal belting and breaks, Taylor takes the popular techniques of the sequined jumpsuits, colossal glam hair, and parachute pants era and transforms it into current, mainstream pop. In our recent interview Taylor discusses the conception, inspiration and development behind Nightlove. 

 This Friday, November 10th at the Marquis! 

This Friday, November 10th at the Marquis! 

Debut show!

This Friday, November 10th at the Marquis Theatre catch Nightlove with This Broken Beat, Optyc Nerd and more! 


Ultra5280: Your previous band was in the hardcore genre. Nightlove is a complete 180 from that with it’s 80’s synth pop vibe. Where did you find the inspiration for this new project?

Taylor: I’ve always really loved new wave, 80’s pop music since I was a kid. I really liked The Cars growing up and watched so much I Love The 80’s on VH1. Then I kinda fell off with it a bit until I started working at this pizza place where they played First Wave on Sirius XM. That jump started me back in. That was right as I started Forty  Fathoms, the heavy band.  I’ve always written songs but I never really finished anything. It was more surf/new wave/dream pop type stuff but nothing ever came to fruition because I couldn’t finish anything.

I was dating this girl and she moved to Texas. It was right around the time I was really falling out of love with the band. We had been fairly successful in Denver but we had so many failed tours that it started to get frustrating. I moved down there to work on my relationship and write more. After a few months I came back to Denver because we had a big show at The Summit and I just decided to stay in Denver and not go back to Texas. The band ended up breaking up shortly after.

Eventually I wanted to write this faux movie script for the girl I was dating. It was heavily 80’s influenced because we both really loved the 80’s. I love that it’s sort of the original avant garde pop music. That ended up turning into ‘Alright’. But we actually ended up breaking up like, immediately after. I always wanted to write this type of music. It took my life sort of… crumbling to really want to do it. I gave that song to her and she didn’t really want it. That was really sad.  I started to show my friends and they gave a lot of positive feedback. I took it to my friend/roommate Rob and he was a big help. He and a lot of others close to me gave me a lot of motivation to start the project.

It was really the natural progression in my life that shaped this project. I wanted to find myself.

Ultra5280: Was there any specific band/artist that was a big influence on this new project that you’ve taken inspiration from?

Taylor: The Smiths is one of my favorite bands. I love Foxy Shazam a lot too. Someone told me the other day they related my stuff with Foxy which was really cool. Hall and Oates. The Drive soundtrack is the best thing in the world!

 I guess I didn’t notice that there were a lot of current bands that have the same sort of 80’s synth vibe. The 1975, St. Lucia, LANY, Taylor Swift’s 1989, Carly Rae Jepson. I love all of their production. I never thought this would be me at all but I think it’s fun to see people have a go at new genres.

 Taylor on set for "Still In Love" at Grandma's House. 

Taylor on set for "Still In Love" at Grandma's House. 

Ultra5280: So the girl in Texas was who influenced ‘Still In Love’?

Taylor: Yeah it’s sort of a story. You’ll hear it in the other songs that come out with how the story progresses.

Ultra5280: You only have the two songs currently out on YouTube. Can you talk about the other music you’ll be debuting on Friday?

Taylor: Unfortunately I haven’t had a lot of time to work on everything. Preparing for the show is so much more work than I thought it would be. I’m playing four original songs and a cover with an intro cover as well. I want to keep everything a surprise!

Ultra5280: We can’t wait to see what you’ll be wearing! Is there a song that you’re most excited to debut live?

Taylor: Definitely the ballad. It’s my favorite song I’ve ever written. The versions I wrote are pretty simple but for this song live I wanted the band to do their own thing with it. They made it sound super awesome. It’s so cheesy but I can’t wait to play it.

Ultra5280: How many pieces are in the band?

Taylor: 6 total. Keys, 2 guitars, bass and synth, drums and myself. The saxophone is just on Still In Love. I got the best people. I’m so thankful.

Ultra5280: How do you think your music fits into the scene here in Denver?

Taylor: I honestly have no idea. I’m so out of it because I played hardcore for so long. I’m looking forward to meeting people in the industry. I would love to play with Rumor’s Follow. Maybe get paired together for a show.

It’s so weird, I put out the songs then everyone hit me up for shows. I had no idea it would turn into anything. I took my money that I made from art and I put it into more art.

 On the set of "Alright" at Arvada Skate City. 

On the set of "Alright" at Arvada Skate City. 

Ultra5280: Do you have a favorite local artist/band?

Taylor: There’s a band called False Report that’s really cool. Photo Atlas, My Body Sings Electric, Optyc Nerd. There’s a lot of really cool bands.

Ultra5280: Anything else planned your excited for?

Taylor: I’m gotta work on finishing the rest of the songs. Maybe do some collabs. Definitely the next music video for the ballad. I want a music video for every song. I’ll probably release the third video when the EP is done.

Ultra5280: The two videos start with you getting out of bed. Is there any significance or symbolism to that?

Taylor: I… like to stay in bed a lot haha. The second video was going to be different. It was gonna be like “how to get over someone.” But every time you get motivated for that week when you’re really depressed you always end up back in bed. We had it set up for a different concept but I had an idea that changed it back to getting out of bed.

Ultra5280: What do you want people to know about you through your music? How do you want to connect with people?

Taylor: A part of me is still conflicted with whether I want to keep up this persona or just be me. I really just want people to dance and have fun. I think it’s so fun to be able to dance really sad lyrics and dance at the same time. I make happy music about sad things and that makes me happy.

 Artwork for "Still In Love"

Artwork for "Still In Love"

Ultra5280:, how do you think Game of Thrones will end?

Taylor: I’m a sucker for a good ending so I obviously just want Dany and Jon to be together, but it’s always really funny when people are fucked with really hard. Jeoffrey. White walker. He comes back to life. He’ll kill the white king and take over. He’ll take the snow dragon. Does it shoot fire or ice?! I don’t get into theories that much because I really fucked myself up with Star Wars theories. I can’t stay up until 4 in the morning anymore!

Ultra5280: Cake or pie?

Taylor: I don’t really like sweets. Only ice cream cake on my birthday. Mint chocolate chip. Other than that just whiskey, beer or tequila for my dessert.

Ultra5280: Sausage or bacon?

Taylor: Bacon. I don’t like breakfast sausage. The patties are gross.

Ultra5280: Cowboys or aliens?

Taylor: I thought I was an alien until like the 3rd grade. I always asked my mom where my pod was.