Angus & Julia Stone: Not your average singer-songwriter duo

Angus & Julia Stone at Englewood's Gothic Theater (Photo Cred: Meesh Deyden)

You probably know this Aussie sibling duo from tracks like "Big Jet Plane" or "Mango Tree," but have you listened to their new album yet? Benefitting from legendary producer Ruck Rubin's guidance, their fourth studio album, Snow, released in mid September, shines prismatic with upbeat tracks like "Who Do You Think You Are" and "Chateau." A departure from their pearly, minimalist solo endeavors over the past few years, Snow showcases what magic can happen when you let go and try something new. 

Oh, and their show at the Gothic? A surprising kaleidoscope of headboppin not-just-your-00s-acoustic emphemera, dutifully attended by the Mile High's highest concentration of publicly affectionate couples I've seen in years. Though you could hear my phone drop during opener Luke Sital Singh's penultimate track-- sorry, guys-- I was pleasantly surprised by how not bored I was for a singer-songwriter show. 

Angus Stone (Photo Cred: Meesh Deyden)

So, if you're like me and try to avoid the depressive sonic sop that can muck an already hellish 2017, don't fear the latest tunes from our siblings from down undah. Add "Cellar Door" to the playlist ya listen to when you're trying not to fall on your ass walking your dog around Wash Park. And try out their title track "Snow," right when that caffeine starts to hit your weekday morn. 

Words & Images by Meesh Deyden