Flying Lotus 3D Tour: Gimmick Or The Future of Concert Experiences

Steven Ellison also known as Flying Lotus brought his 3D tour to Denver this past weekend. The Los Angeles producer, dj, director, and filmmaker has been in the news lately in regards to his coming out and supporting Gaslamp Killer in lieu of his allegations of rape. Later retracting his statement at a recent show saying, 

“The internet is a fucking liar. Ain’t nobody judge and jury but the fucking law… Let truth and justice have its day.”

Despite the controversy he managed to bring his one of a kind unique and immersive visual masterpiece to a packed EXDO Center for our enjoyment. The visuals combined with the ambiance of fog created an unusual backdrop for the talented DJ as he intertwined his staple elements of sound with strange and twisting 3D images that made for an amazing experience. Claiming each show to be unique and not rehearsed the crowd got a first hand look at what has made Flying Lotus a unique player in todays music scene. Concertgoers were handed 3D glasses upon entry and if you weren't lined up in the middle of the venue the sight-lines were pretty non-existent to get the real feel of the concert. A show of such magnitude begs the question, are 3D shows more for gimmick or are they a step in a new direction of live music? As artist continue to walk the line of providing for a one of a kind concert experiences, the effort to even give us something different from the norm has to be appreciated. FlyLo provided the latter which provided for a new aspect to the everyday concert going experience.

Words and photos: Robert Castro