L.A. Witch Casts a Spell on Denver

LA Witch at Lost Lake (Photo Cred: Meesh Deyden)

The 3 ladies of L.A. Witch definitely cast a spell over Lost Lake on Thursday night. Sade Sanchez on guitar and vocals, Irita Pai on bass, and Ellie English on drums, each has their own signature style, head of hair, and attitude to match. Together they create hazy, reverby, garage rock magic. A jumble of vintage tees, animal print, Doc Martens, and leather, the image L.A. witch has is totally awesome, and seamlessly goes with their sound. Their Facebook description states, “This isn’t music for the masses; it’s music for the miscreants, burnout, down-and-out dreamers, and obsessive historians.”

The trio just put out a self-titled album this year, and it’s full of dreamy guitar, powerful drumming, and pretty ominous lyrics. Sanchez’s voice is sultry and seductive, and takes you down a rabbit hole of classic surf, garage rock, psychedelia and rockabilly flare. Starting with You Love Nothing and ending with Get Lost, the gals played the entirety of their album in addition to a new song. They also gave an encore, which fan Laina Sydney mentioned is becoming rare as encores are seemingly “over”. A pleasant surprise indeed, as I’ve noticed that trend as well. Lame! #encoresmatter

Lost Lake was packed and also the perfect venue to see these rocker babes up close and personal. The sound was good and the lighting simple, the instruments highlighted beautifully along with the exceptional musicians behind them. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the future!