Music | The 1975 Brought Out "All The Feels" at Red Rocks On Monday. | May 2, 2016

Matthew Healy of The 1975 (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

It was a chilly night at Red Rocks this past Monday, but that didn’t keep English rockers The 1975 from turning up the heat. Hot off the release of their sophomore album, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It, the group’s already massive fanbase has continued to expand, leading to a decently packed show at Colorado’s premiere music venue. Led by dreamy frontman Matthew Healy, the band played a melodic, and sexually charged two hour set. Prancing across the stage with his curly locks out of control, Healy managed to capture the audience with sincere odes to the venue and a humbleness not often seen in today's performers. Often referencing the sheer size of the historic venue, Healy emphasized what an honor it was to play there in quick moments between fan favorites including "Girls", "The Fame", "A Change of Heart”. The groups stage design was highlighted by the weather on Monday, with eerie fog adding dimension to the lights. At one point in the show, Healy instructed the audience to put their phones away and “...enjoy the next five minutes” featuring a rather impressive version of "Me". The band never let up, ending with a rather strong encore featuring thier most popular numbers including "Chocolate", "The Sound", and my personal favorite, “Sex”

The 1975 breaking hearts and shedding tears (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

The gentleman of The 1975 seemed to revel in the moment all night long. Their energy and sheer excitement translated to the fans, and left the crowd screaming non-stop as if they were witnessing a modern day version of The Beatles (a rather bold statement). It's apparent that we are witnessing only the beginning from this band, as it’s only been a mere three years since the group first played Denver at The Marquis Theatre and they’re now headlining one of the most iconic music venues in the world. This group certainly has the right recipe for success: mixing a retro sound like 80's counterparts such as INXS with the signature soundtrack style of John Hughes films (Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink). Based on path the band is currently trotting down, it’s only a matter of time before the they take the next step from amphitheaters to arena venues, where even more fans can reminisce about making mixtapes to our teenage crushes and scream along to their heart-broken, teenage angst-filled lyrics when we are sad. 

Photos and Words: Robert Castro

Matt "Dreamy" Healy (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Setlist: Love Me | UGH! | Heart Out | So Far (It's Aright) | A Change of Heart | She's American | Anobrain | Menswear | The Ballad of Me and My Brain | Me | fallingforyou | Somebody Else | An Encounter | Robbers | You | Loving Someone | Paris | Girls | ENCORE: She Lays Down | If I Believe You | Chocolate | The Sound | Sex