Music | New Music Tuesday | Rob Drabkin, "Stay (The Morning Light Fades)" Official Music Video Release

Owner of the kindest smile, the most infectious laugh, the sweetest voice, and the most rocking hair, Rob Drabkin has been at the forefront of Denver's bustling singer/songwriter scene for years. We've seen him play birthday parties with his dad, we've watched him rock UMS, and this past March we watched his band rock the Do512 Bar in Austin, TX at this year's Colorado Showcase during SXSW. Today, we help Rob celebrate the release of his newest music video for the song "Stay (The Morning Light Fades)".  Filmed at Shove Chapel at Colorado College in College Springs, this entire video's cast and crew are all Colorado natives - a feat almost as unique as the video itself.

On its own, "Stay (The Morning Light Fades)” is a delicate piece of music with tension, relief, beauty and pain permeating the music and lyrics. Rob wrote the song at the end of a relationship. “There was simply nothing left to hold onto and I knew it was over and gone,” he says. Rob had been fixated on the idea of putting choreography to the song since he began experimenting with the song’s chord progression. "It was time to take a risk and put the idea into motion.”

The video was choreographed and danced by Amanda Copple, alongside Luke Kamppila from the Michelle Latimer Dance Company in Denver, CO. "The main goals for this piece were to take the viewer on a journey with the dancers through the space and to enhance the listening experience with movement,” says Amanda. "The dance is a story of catch and release. The relationship shifts from a happy and playful couple through the often tragic stages of a lost love. One partner doubts and this makes the other cling tighter. He would give anything for just another moment.”