Music | Local Music Spotlight: Kayla Marque

Photo Credit: Michael Richardson

From time to time we come across a precious gem in our fair city. For Kayla Marque, singer-songwriter, we have come across a talented individual that truly captures her emotions via her music. We have been following Kayla for awhile, from an accomplished lead singer to her recent ventures into the singer-songwriter world. She captures the essence of heartbreak, joy and everyday raw emotions across carefully crafted lyrics that translate into perfect ballads. They say music is contagious and Marque has surrounded herself with some of the best local talent in the city with Sur Ellz, Kid Astronaut (Jon Shockness/Air Dubai) and more to aid in production and guest appearances. This is only the beginning for Marque and we expect the city to start taking notice if they haven't. She is currently in the studio finishing up her album "Live and Die Like This". You can find her on Soundcloud and also a few upcoming shows in December. Be sure to check her out.