Music | New Music Alert: The 1975, "Love Me"

Apparently our generation has worked it's way through our obsession with the 90's, and are now drifting down the rabbit hole that is the 1980's. Radio darlings The 1975 have taken quite some time away from the spotlight after their hit "Chocolate" blew up in 2014, and even faked their own breakup and deleted their own social media in what was easily one of the most interesting press stunts we've seen in awhile. Their crazy tricks have caught our attention, and it appears that it's finally time for us to learn what all this massive rebranding was about.

Working their way one decade closer to their band name, The 1975 are officially back and released a banger made for the 80's titled "Love Me", on BBC Radio 1 last week. This ode to the era of sequins and hairspray is about to blow up pop radio, so don't say we didn't warn you. Full of popping drum hits, guitar tones that would make Prince proud, and some pretty perfect synth lines, this song makes glitter start oozing from your ears, as your hair gets progressively bigger and taller with each verse. We admit, we've taken the bait, and are now anxiously waiting to see what this English quartet has up their sleeves next.