Lifestyle | Breckenridge Brewery Just Changed The Craft Beer Game | Opening June 21


Summer in Colorado revolves around beer, park days, hiking, beer, camping and fights over who gets to sit next to the fan. But, after this Sunday it's going to revolve solely around Breckenridge Brewery's new restaurant/pub. Like the sun that all of us so gleefully orbit, Breck's new location is an institution and we're giving in to its gravitational pull. There's no sense in fighting it... hell, we may as well even camp out in the back. Lord knows they have enough space.

The wait is finally over! Breck will open their doors for public tours this Sunday (reservations are highly encouraged and what better gift to give dad?). Anyways, here's the low down on what to expect, what to bring and how to behave when touring this craft beer haven.

From Breckenridge Brewery's press release:

The brewery will host four scheduled tours a day, Wednesday through Monday. "We want to create a very personal experience with each tour, so you'll find that we take our time getting to know small groups of guests and introducing them to Breckenridge Brewery, behind-the-scenes," says Sarah Kokkeler, director of the brewery's tour program. Tours start in the brewery's tasting room, across the plaza from the Farm House, with a 10-oz pour from the daily selection on tap. The tour path leads from tasting room to brewery mezzanine overlooking the four-vessel 100-barrel brewhouse, across the bridge to the fermentation building, and continues on to barrel aging and packaging. Tours conclude back in the tasting room with four 4oz samples of each. Tour reservations can be made at The $3.00 charge for tours covers generous sampling, and a portion will go to rotating charities. Non-drinkers, including those under 21, are welcome to participate in tours, and there is no charge.

So, as you can see their tours are going to be pretty wonderful...and you can even bring your baby! Start em' young. That's what we always say. But, all that really means is that it's a family affair, bring a picnic blanket, sunscreen and camp out in the back. With bocce ball, craft beer and an amazing restaurant, what else could you Coloradans possibly need? See what we mean about the orbit? Are you feeling the pull yet?

Breck has already filed a restraining order against Castro because he was caught lurking in the shadows one too many times. We can't blame him tho! It's science.

After touring the brewery we're certain that this will go down in Colorado history. Thanks to breweries like Breckenridge, Colorado has become a mecca for craft beer connoisseurs and nerds alike. But, this new pub has pushed the ceiling just a little bit higher. It is because of innovation like this, that we know Breck will continue to break records, brew crazy beer with Buddha hand fruit and set the standards for what it means to be a craft brewery.

See you guys on the bocce ball court, it's going to be an amazing summer!

(All Images courtesy of Breckenridge Brewery)