Launch Party to Take Place Thursday, May 17th at Stoney's Bar and Grill

WHO:  Breckenridge Brewery and Denver Comic Con (DCC) will officially launch the 2018 Comic Con Beer, RAZZNAROK, on May 17th at Stoney's Bar and Grill with live music, games, cosplay, and the first of many collectible pint glass giveaways. The beer’s name was the winner of the annual “Name the Denver Comic Con Beer” contest which beat out more than 800 submissions during the online contest. RAZZNAROK was inspired by the widely popular 2017 Marvel Comic book film: Thor: Ragnarok.

The 2018 DCC beer is a Belgian style witbier brewed with fresh raspberry puree. For the seventh straight year, Breck will be releasing the beer along with limited edition DCC beer pint glasses. This year’s Razznarok glass features artwork by local comic artist Morgan Beem.

After the launch party, RAZZNAROK will stay on tap at Stoney's through Denver Comic Con. Other pubs within walking distance to the Colorado Convention Center will serve the beer leading up to and during the event. Follow Breckenridge Brewery on Facebook and Twitter for information on other pint glass giveaway events during Denver Comic Con. This information will also be posted on in the weeks prior to the DCC.

WHAT: For seven years Breckenridge Brewery has brewed a special beer exclusively for Denver Comic Con (DCC). The first 200 people to this FREE event will receive a limited collector’s series “Razznarok” pint glass featuring custom design by artist Morgan Beem. Colorado's premiere party band, 6 Million Dollar Band will be bringin' the 80s energy to keep the dance floor movin' all night!

WHERE: Stoney's Bar & Grill 1111 Lincoln St. Denver, CO

When:Thursday, May 17th

- Doors 7pm

- Live music by 6 Million Dollar Band 8pm

- DJ 10pm

About “Razznarok!”

Razznarok is a time-honored, Belgian-style ale with a tart pink twist. Brewed with unmalted wheat, orange zest, coriander and fresh raspberry puree, this unfiltered, light-bodied beer has fruity notes of raspberry & citrus, a touch of spice, and a pink blush of color. Refreshing. Surprising. Sprightly. Whimsical.

Past winners of the "Name the Comic Con Beer" contest are The Fantastic Pour, The Caped Brewsader, Brews Wayne, Hulk's Mash, Snape-ricot, and I Am Brewt.


Breckenridge Brewery Presents Breck Trek, Coming To A City Near You

Our fine friends at Breckenridge Brewery have been pretty busy lately, aside from brewing some of the most delicious beer in the world, they have taken on this pretty interesting project that is currently touring cities across the country.

The process is simple, choose a city, introduce that market to some rare beers, get local band Paper Bird to join you on this trek, pair up with some of the finest local chefs for a dinner pairing, introduce an amazing art installment by Denver locals Ink Monster all while promoting the amazing aspects of our fine state.

We’re partnering with a local chef to prepare a memorable multi-course beer dinner in your city. Hosted by our very own culture czar, Todd Thibault, and our featured chef, we’ll present a curated evening of intriguing dishes creatively paired with special beers from our portfolio of well-known and rare beers.

The 3 day culture tour is a perfect opportunity for other cities to get familiar with the Breckenridge Brewery brand and amazing beer. Not only are they featuring amazing beers (and delicious dinner pairings) but also get a chance to promote local favorites Paper Bird, who have carved quite a niche here in Colorado. Some of Denver's finest artist get a chance to showcase their art with carefully curated installments courtesy of Ink Monstr. The tour has already hit cities like Los Angeles,and Dallas. Other stops include Orlando, New York, St. Louis, Cleveland, Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Phoenix and San Francisco yet to come. 

Meet The Band:


Meet The Artist:

Reed Silberman

Michael Corriano

Kal Urso

Naomi Haverland

Patrick Maxcy

Mike Fudge

Bacon and Beer | A Celebration of Food and Community

Cheers to bacon and beer. (photo Credit: Robert Castro)

This past Saturday we visited a magical land – one where beer was king and bacon lovers held hands and rejoiced in unison. What is this mythical place you ask? Well, it is the Bacon and Beer Festival! And it was a celebration fit for any self-respecting foodie/beer enthusiast. 

Managing Editor Mcclain managed to grab this shirt for her yoga workouts. (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

The event boasted 20 + breweries and over 15 restaurants – all debuting their bacon inspired dishes and beverages. The food ranged from Thai to brunch to the good ol’ American burger. Most breweries stayed true to their brand but, some rolled out bacon inspired libations. A personal favorite of the Ultra5280 staff was the Bacon Bourbon from Ol' Major which took the pairing to a whole new level. They even went so far as to add a mesquite salt chaser – which was absolute perfection. 

Where do we get the bacon flavored salt? (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

We love seeing events that celebrate our local scene, when there’s OMF (Our Mutual Friend), Ratio Beerworks and Call To Arms Brewing Co. on the same ticket – you can count us in. Moving outside of Denver’s coveted local watering holes we were elated to taste such classics as Breckenridge Brewery, Left Hand Brewing Company, Great Divide Brewing and Boulder Beer Co.  The Fest offered a nice gluten free option (although why a gluten free person would attend a Bacon and Beer Fest is beyond us) by adding some ciders to the mix. Stem Ciders and Colorado Cider Company were holding down the fort for our wheat challenged bacon lovers. Side Note: Beer and cider is an amazing combination… future festival idea? TM

Serving up amazing beer our friends from Ratio were on hand. (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Bacon was the ideal sponge for soaking up our beer filled bellies. Some stand out dishes were the Bacon Wontons from Aloy Modern Thai, The Lobby’s bacon-brunch bite, Little Man’s ice cream and from what we’ve heard The Regional had a mean chicken fried bacon dish (sadly they ran out of ingredients before we made the rounds).  The food was unique, tasty and answered every day-drinker’s wildest dreams and wishes.

Lovey bits of bacon morsel goodness compliments of Interstate Kitchen and Bar (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

We wish we could have bottled up the scent emanating from the Glitter Dome this past Saturday – it was a scent filled with bacon fumes, hops and love. To quote our girl Taylor, there are just some things that never go out of style – and bacon and beer will forever be one of them. 

GABF: Beer, Beer, and More Beer!

The Great American Beer Festival rolled through Denver last weekend, sending a shockwave of beer lovers into our streets, breweries and bars. The GABF spirit was felt all across the mile high, but we dared to venture into the swarming epicenter of the Colorado Convention center to give you the low-down on the nation’s largest and most-loved beer festival. 

To an outsider, the festival might seem like nothing more than pretzel necklaces and a beer holiday. The festival is in fact the most esteemed judging ceremony for breweries nationwide, large and small. It saw it’s 35th birthday this year, it hosted nearly 800 different breweries, and it’s awards leave lasting impacts on our national beer scene. Its awards are pared out by an elite panel of judges have the ability to make or break a brewery, and this year over one hundred different beers left decorated in silver, bronze and gold. For the full list of awarded beers, click here. 

Photo: Matthew Smith

Photo: Matthew Smith

Colorado is known to be a craft beer destination, and tons of local breweries were representing this weekend. Breckenridge Brewery, Denver Beer Co, Fermaentra, Dry Dock, Black Shirt Brewing, New Belgium, and the list goes on. The "Napa Valley of Beer" not only created the festival, but has helped build a craft and microbrew culture that spreads from sea to shining sea. 

Basically, more medals equal more credentials for up and coming brewers, and for those who don’t have the chance (or the tolerance) to sample every single beer, these medals give us a necessary steer in the right direction. Not to say that this festival is all stern faces and serious beer talk; the GABF is at once a make or break moment for breweries and a party. When you’re in the business of beer, it’s all about having fun too, and the GABF is proof.

I spoke with Greg the home-brew knowledge guru and member of the national GJCP about his favorite aspects of GABF. He called the festival the “longest running, annual gathering of beer geeks.” He takes his beer seriously, but the heart of the festival was the reason he attends. For Greg, the festival is a time to reconnect with once-a-year-friends, and to share a really good up-and-coming craft beer. He was buzzed on the energy in the air, not just the brews. The GABF has been bringing friends and beer enthusiasts together for decades, transcending from a tasting spree into a tradition, and creating strong connections between breweries across the nation. It’s a microcosm of the beer community at large, and it’s simply really, really fun. 

Photo: Matthew Smith

Photo: Matthew Smith

Photo: Matthew Smith

Photo: Matthew Smith

Photo: Matthew Smith

Photo: Matthew Smith

The festival goers were kilt-sporting, rung with pretzel necklaces, and all in good spirits. I stopped to chat with a brewer from Hopworks of the Pacific Northwest about the attendees. They iterated, “Everyone here is stoked. Drunk people are prone to fight, but no one has. There’s a strong sense of comradery, everybody’s happy.” 

Photo: Matthew Smith 

Photo: Matthew Smith 

In terms of logistics, the festival was a crowded swarm of costumes and shoulders to navigate through; some lines spilling out into the alley-space and it was sometimes a test of patience and dedication. It goes without disagreement, though, that the convention center, despite it’s inevitable, unavoidable closeness, was extremely well organized. Free water stations were spaced between every twenty or so booths. Huge signs marking every section and easily understood maps left little room for confusion. The crowd was heavy, but that’s to be expected. 
The flock gathered often at hot-spot breweries, and the best breweries were sometimes dry within the first couple of hours of a session. The flock was a permanent fixture for Black Project Brewing, a local South Broadway brewery who touts their wild caught microbes and meticulous brewing practices. The line was over twenty minutes, but it was well worth the wait. On the upside of things, the flock would coagulate in pockets, leaving a lot of little known, great booths open for conversation and slow sampling. As long as you knew the patterns of the flock and which beers were worth the wait for, you were home free.

This festival is a chance to refine your tastes and discover what makes American beer special. Also, it’s the perfect chance to finally break out that old kilt you’ve been hiding in the back of your closet. Regardless of what you string on your pretzel necklace, the GABF welcomes all beer-weirdos and weird beers, so if you have the chance to snatch up a ticket for a session next year, don’t wait until it's too late! 

Photo: Matthew Smith

Photo: Matthew Smith

Photo: Matthew Smith

Photo: Matthew Smith

Photo: Matthew Smith

Photo: Matthew Smith

Check out GABF's photo gallery to see if you made it in. If not, there's always next year! 

9 Weekend Events | GABF Pregames, After Parties and More

From today until Saturday night, GABF will be taking over the Denver area. If you were one of the lucky few to get your ticket, you have quite the weekend ahead of you. For those who have their golden, amber ticket, check out our GABF survival pro-tips here. If you were Varuca Salt-ed ("I wanrt my GABF ticket now, daddy!) and have found yourself horribly without, do not fear. The Ultra5280 team is here, and we've got all the events to help you get your fair share of that flowing river of beer. 

Pictured: River of beer, us (magic boat leading to all the festivities), and you. 

Pictured: River of beer, us (magic boat leading to all the festivities), and you. 


Breckenridge Brewery is running free buses from the Crowne Plaza Downtown (1450 Glenarm Place) Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (October 6-8) to their new Littleton brewery and back. Buses depart from the hotel at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm each of the three days. They're giving complimentary tours of the brewery that include a pint with time to enjoy their Farm House and beer garden before the groups head back. The 12:00 group departs the brewery at 3:00 to head back downtown, meaning those with GABF tickets and those without can all attend. Check out their website here for more information, special events, and promotional brews in celebration of GABF.

Haunted Housing: We Recommend 13th Floor and Field of Screams

Photo: Ultra5280; Field of Screams

Photo: Ultra5280; Field of Screams

Photo: Ultra5280; 13th Floor

Photo: Ultra5280; 13th Floor

If GABF isn't really your thing, or you're looking to scare the living shit out of your whole family, these haunted houses are sure to make even the most resilient shit their britches. We even went through the trouble of checking both these houses out for you, and trust us, it wasn't easy. Nothing says Halloween like shooting extremely realistic, havoc-reaping zombies, though (@ Field of Screams).

Check out our review for 13 floor here, and our review of Field of Screams here. 


2016 The Voice Runner Up Laith Al-Saadi with Brent Cowles and Garrett Lebeau (21+)

 8 PM - 12 AM
Summit Music Hall (1902 Blake St, Denver, Colorado 80202)
Tickets here.

Levitt Pavilion Denver Live! presents a special evening at The Summit Music Hall Friday October 7, 2016 8pm featuring, 2016 The Voice runner up, Laith Al-Saadi, along with Colorado’s rising star Brent Cowles and Austin mainstay Garrett Lebeau. This event celebrates the final show of the season for Levitt Pavilion’s free concert programing, and is sponsored by Jameson and Great Divide Brewing CO--the exclusive craft beer partner of Levitt Denver.

Tickets to this special concert are only $25 and 100% of ticket sales will benefit the Levitt Pavilion Denver (501(c)(3), a local non-profit focused on elevating the local music scene and increasing accessibility to live music through construction of the new Levitt Pavilion in Ruby Hill Park, a free music venue opening in July of 2017. Each ticket includes an exclusive opportunity to try ‘The Smoothness’ collaboration beer, as well as unlimited Jameson Irish Whisky, Great Divide Brewing CO. beer, sliders, appetizers and more.

Kaytranada + Cashmere Cat (16+)

 9 PM - 12 AM

The Ogden Theatre (935 E Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado 80218)
Tickets here. 
Doors Open: 8:00PM
Price: $25-$35, GA: $49.75


Stay Up Saturdays with CRL CRRL

Every Saturday we host a DJ set by CRL CRRL at Pearl's on 13th, so come hang out with us and keep the party going into the wee hours of the night. 

The award winnig producer and DJ who's shared the stage with artists from Anderson Paak., Vic Mensa, Haden James to Wahsed Out and more ( CRL CRRLL ) teams up with the Motown and Mashup master DJ E-TRANE to bring you a saturday night of awesome drinks and dancing. 

FREE ENTRY Doors 9 PM 21+ (608 E. 13th Ave Pearl's Denver)


Annual bRUNch Run  

8:30 AM - 12 PM
Stapleton Central Park, Denver

Tickets here

Come run off all that blood-alcohol related madness bright and early in Stapleton, CO. The bRUNch Run is a one of a kind race feeding everyone’s appetite for food, fitness, and fun. Runners start their morning off on the right foot with a timed 5K and 10K run, followed by indulging in some of the best brunch food and libations (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) alike that Colorado has to offer.

The bRUNch Run is a unique experience supporting health and wellness within the Denver community. There is more to running then putting one foot in front of the other. After a workout the body needs fuel and bRUNch provides you with just that. Upon finishing the race, enjoy a brunch festival featuring local eateries and morning libations, and non-alcoholic beverages. 

It's is an annual fundraiser for Metro Caring, an amazing organization that provides nutritious food to hungry members of the community all while promoting health and self-sufficiency. 


What to Do in Denver This Weekend

Denver, ride that high of American pride right into a new weekend. Here's your weekly haps of what's going down in the Mile High City. 

The Receiver @ Black Shirt Brewing CO: 7/9

From 7-10pm we host synthphonic dream-prog/pop band from Columbus, Ohio, The Receiver on Black Shirt's Pallet Stage. Codename: Carter opens. Enjoy the best beer in Denver on the Best Patio in Denver! Located right off the brand new A-Line 38th Street Light Rail stop. $5 advance tickets, $10 at the door.

Bluegrass Brunch @ Station 26: 7/10

Beer, live music from Masontown, donuts from Glazed and Confuzed Doughnuts, and barbecue from Rolling Smoke BBQ. Free admission.

Sunday at 11 AM
Station 26 Brewing Co.
7045 E 38th Ave, Denver, Colorado 80207


Summer of Dance at Denver Art Museum: 7/10

Move your body through the Summer of Dance! at the Denver Art Museum, 100 West 14th Avenue Parkway. Exhibits and events are included in the $10 museum admission.

Time: Every Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat., Sun. from July 10 until September 30

100 W. 14th Ave. Parkway
Denver, CO  80204

Breckenridge Brewery Hootennany: 7/9

Breckenridge Brewery's Hootenanny is an annual celebration of craft beer, live music, and barbecue. This year's event marks the brewery's 26th anniversary since its humble beginnings in the mountain town for which it's named. 

This year’s music line-up features Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Larry & Jenny Keel (accompanied by Drew Emmitt and Andy Thorn of Leftover Salmon), and Head for the Hills on the main stage. The beer garden stage showcases Colorado musicians Zolopht, Grant Farm, We Dream Dawn, Sweet Lillies, and Caribou Mountain Collective.


A Toast to Ten Years of a New Era Colorado: Strawberry Runners & A Tom Collins @ City Hall: 7/9

With performances from high energy bands, a photo booth, games, and a full bar. 

Event includes a VIP reception, and a concert afterwards at 9 PM. 

City Hall Event Venue
1144 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203



SWIMM @ Larimer Lounge: 7/10

Openers include: 


Doors open at 12PM

 Show starts at 1PM  

  $10 ADV

 $12 DAY OF SHOW    


Breckenridge Brewery's Latest Mango Mosaic Is Sure To Be A Hit This Summer

The temperatures are heating up here in Denver as we embark on another season of unpredictable, yet warmer weather. A common tradition for most Coloradans is to make for the outdoors to enjoy what Mother Nature is throwing our way. For us that means enjoying our favorite libations with friends and families. The latest creation from Breckenridge Brewery is their new Mango Mosaic Pale Ale. It creatively brings the fine pairing of fine mosaic hops and fruit to your taste buds. The combination is not overbearing at all all is fully balances the taste with a medium body and goes down as smooth as the mountain rivers. We decided to pair our beer with a fine set of delicious street tacos (Al Pastor Style) that made for a perfect evening.

Mango Mosaic brings a lighter, “hops meets fruit” addition to the brewery's year-round portfolio. Available in 6-packs of 12-oz bottles and on draft, the 5.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) pale ale will be available in 35 states where Breckenridge Brewery beer is sold.

The beer will be fully stocked at the office this year just in case we want to take our work outdoors to enjoy (or get happy hour started earlier). Th beer perfectly pairs with any fine Carribean dish as well as any spicier combination of food pairing. We enjoyed ours with some dark spicy chocolate that was a match made in heaven.

"We've used Mosaic hops for several years in other beers, and we love the floral, tropical fruit, earthy characteristics that it gives - great aroma and a sweetness unlike other hops we've experimented with," explains Todd Usry, President of Breckenridge Brewery



2016 Denver Comic Con Beer Release Party | Friday May 20th | Stoney's

Breckenridge Brewery once again joins forces with Denver Comic Con. Since the inaugural convention in 2012, Breckenridge has brewed a special con beer and hosted a "Name the Comic Con Beer" contest. And each year what follows is a wonderful deluge of creative input, street cred for the winners, a beer release party preceding the con and other events in and around the Colorado Convention Center.
Breckenridge Brewery congratulates Noah Eisenman and Greg Nuccio, who both suggested "Snape-ricot" as the name for this year's refreshingly crisp apricot lager. The name honors actor Alan Rickman, who played Severus Snape in the Harry Potter film series and recently lost his life to pancreatic cancer.
“It’s become a wonderful Denver Comic Con tradition to launch these pop-culture themed beers in the weeks leading up to the con,” said Christina Angel, Denver Comic Con director. “This year’s brew takes on a special significance as a tribute to Alan Rickman, who so masterfully brought Snape to life on the silver screen.”
Although the name was chosen by popular vote, the brewery found it to suit the beer quite perfectly. Ryan Workman, Breckenridge Brewery Brand Manager, describes the beer to be more complex than one would guess upon first impression. "The apricot our brewers added to their American lager recipe produced surprising ambiguity, much like Snape himself. It's pale and crisp, but spend a little time with it, and you'll find unexpected layers of interesting personality." Finding more parallels in Snape and Snape-ricot, he shares that the beer is "bitter and cold, yet the fruit magically transforms Snape-ricot into something not sweet, but certainly a little softer than one would've imagined."
Snape-ricot will make its first public appearance at Stoney's Bar and Grill on Friday, May 20th, at 7:30 p.m. The first 200 people to order a Snape-ricot will be given a limited edition pint glass featuring the beer's custom label artwork.
The beer and pint glasses will also be available at the 3-day Denver Comic Con, which kicks off on June 17th and features such pop culture notables as Stan Lee (Marvel Comics), Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) and Ralph Macchio (the Karate Kid) . Tickets are still available at Additionally, local pubs around the conference will feature the beer with additional pint giveaway promotions.
Past winning entries for Breckenridge's Name the Comic Con Beer contest are:
·      2012 Fantastic Pour

·      2013 Caped Brewsader

·      2014 Brews Wayne

·      2015 Hulk's Mash

Lifestyle | Breckenridge Brewery Releases New Beer With Free Concert @ Bluebird Theater | May 11

The real MVP this Wednesday will be Breckenridge Brewery's latest debut, the NVP or Nitro Vanilla Porter. Nitro Vanilla Porter (NVP) is the first release in Breckenridge Brewery's all-new line of portable and versatile nitrogenated cans. The 16-oz can presents the ability to drink silky, smooth nitrogen-charged beer outside of the pub. Although a glass displays the cascading effects of the nitrogen head, with Breckenridge’s can design the glass is optional. The Nitro Series from Breckenridge Brewery can be enjoyed anywhere – in a glass or right from the can - and those who attend the free concert get to experience "Nitro on the Go" first-hand. 

The craftsmanship of Vanilla Porter is evidenced in NVP. A variety of malts provide flavors of chocolate, roasted nut, caramel, and coffee. Imported vanilla from Papua New Guinea and Madagascar add complex and exotic flavors to the solid porter. The softening effect of nitrogen creates a velvety mouthfeel and highlights the flavors of the malts and vanilla. NVP presents another delicious way to enjoy Vanilla Porter.

The next release in the series is Nitro Lucky U IPA followed by new seasonal nitro specialties starting in the fall. The Nitro Series is packaged in 4-packs of 16-oz cans and will be sold where other Breckenridge beer is carried.

Breckenridge Brewery is throwing a free concert at the Bluebird Theater in Denver to celebrate the availability of Nitro Vanilla Porter in 16-oz cans. The release party on May 11th toasts the start of an exciting new nitrogen-charged canned beer series.  This free show is open to the public (21+) on a first-come basis with doors opening at 7:00 p.m. until capacity is reached. Each attendee will be given a complimentary can of Nitro Vanilla Porter to enjoy. The Bright Light Social Hour and Dragondeer are to perform. The party provides an introduction to the brewery’s new beer series, and because both bands are signed artists for this summer's Underground Music Showcase which Breckenridge Brewery sponsors, the event doubles as a preview to UMS.  

We were able to talk tacos, football and the Austin music scene with The Bright Light Social Hour before their show on Wednesday for Breckenridge Brewery's Nitro Vanilla Porter release. Check it out below:

Photo Credit: Nicole Fara Silver

Photo Credit: Nicole Fara Silver

1. Let’s start with the name, how did it come about?

Curtis was studying this Indian activist, Arundhati Roy, at Southwestern University where we started the band. She had a quote about the activist’s role as shining a bright light in the dark corners of society. So we kinda took it from there.


2. You guys are on the road a lot what are some of your favorite cities and what is a city you haven't played you wish you could?

I really love playing Quebec City. I feel like audiences there see us a strange, exotic thing, like we’re zoo animals. I like feeling like a zoo animal. Mexico City is definitely the most fervent crowd we’ve come across. Our last few shows at the Bluebird and the Ogden are very high on the list too. I really wanna play Berlin.


3. You currently reside in Austin, many people claim that the music scene in Denver is starting to mimic that of ATX, touring here and playing here do you see any similarities?

Honestly, we’ve visited Denver a lot but haven’t had much opportunity to go out and see shows and explore the music scene. It does seem that Denver is producing more varied and boundary-pushing styles and artists, so that’s very cool.


4. With so many bands hailing from Austin does the scene support each other or is it competitive? And what ever happened to Sound Team?

t’s very supportive and embracing. All my closest friends are musicians from other Austin bands. Plus the city itself as well as several non-profits do a lot to help musicians and the scene by helping provide resources like free legal advice, healthcare, grants and that kinda thing. I never heard of Sound Team til you mentioned it, but I looked them up and to answer your question, they disbanded in 2007 and Bill Baird went solo (one of his records mysteriously appeared in my collection and it’s awesome), and Matt Oliver once recorded a Daytrotter session for us at his studio, Big Orange.


5. A couple of you attended the University of Texas, How are we going to do this year in football? (I’m from El Paso and spend a lot of time in Austin and am a big Longhorns fan)

You know I have no idea, but I’m gonna vote for good.


6. Your live album was recorded in response to the attacks on France and was recorded live with proceeds going to the French Red Cross. How did that come about and was there any pressure knowing you guys were to be recording live to perform that show?

Haha no we wanted it to be real and have all the warts and gnarl of a real live show. It helps to accept that you’ll never be anywhere close to satisfied with a recording of yourself playing live. That’s what studio albums are for, we just wanted to capture the energy and the moment and do what we could to help.


7. Final question. Best breakfast tacos in Austin? Taco Deli or Torchy’s?

Well fuck Torchy’s because the tacos are incredible and we eat there every other week but the tortillas are ALWAYS cold, which is beyond unacceptable. Taco Deli is fantastic, but Veracruz All Natural is my current fav in town.


Be sure to get to the Bluebird early as this event is sure to be at capacity early in the evening. With amazing, local music and new local craft - this is one event not to be missed. 

Lifestyle | GABF Events | Your Guide to Denver's Drunkest Week

Drunks of Denver.... ASSEMBLE!!! Forget the majestic Rocky Mountains and our 300 days of sunshine, we have beer. Pure North American, craft beer. So great that men and women from around the globe gather here once a year to rejoice in it's sweet, golden triumph. And we could not be more honored to be a part of this year's GABF celebration of all things beer. 



This week there will be: tap takeovers, beer releases, album + beer releases, weird ingredients Bud Light would not approve of, amazing food for our inevitable "drunchies" and more drunks under one roof than you can count. Alongside the programmed set of events there will be an extensive list of after-parties, private off-site brewery tours and special tastings open to the public. So even if you forgot (read: did not buy your GABF tickets the second they went on sale), do not fret! You will still be able to ride the coat tails of this monumental event.

Many Denver breweries are throwing their own GABF events. Take a look at what some of our local favorites are getting into this week:

New Belgium:

Oskar Blues:


Breck Brew:

Left Hand Brewing:

Ratio Beer Works:

Denver Beer Co:

Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery:

Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company:

Former Future Brewing Company:

Epic Brewing:

Crooked Stave: 

Declaration Brewing:

Great Divide Brewery:

Check out Brewtally Insane for a day by day comprehensive list of daily events as well.

There's a reason everyone calls Denver the Napa Valley of craft beer and it's because we have more innovative breweries per capita than any other state. Our hearts go out to all of our hardworking hometown heroes. We know you'll bring home the gold.

See you by the taps, Denver! Don't forget to chant on your fellow GABF goers. Everyone can use some words of encouragement every now and then. 

Lifestyle | Breckenridge Brewery & Leftover Salmon kick off 25th Anniversary Celebration at new Littleton Brewery on July 18th

Plans have been brewing for months, and now two Colorado-born craftsmen are tuned up and ready for a unique silver anniversary celebration. Rock/bluegrass band Leftover Salmon and Breckenridge Brewery have each enjoyed twenty-five years of success. To commemorate this milestone they have joined forces to release a collaborative beer, packaged with twenty-five live tunes from Leftover Salmon, which will debut at Breckenridge Brewery's annual Hootenanny on July 18th.

Back in March, the two groups got together over a few pints to share ideas on just the right beer recipe for the momentous occasion. They embraced an India Pale Lager style and aptly named it Silver Salmon. “A hoppy lager is a lighter, thirst-quenching style that we thought would be perfect for an outdoor music scene,” explains Brian Reinecke, the brewer for Breckenridge Brewery who formulated the recipe. “We used American hops that give the beer flavor and aroma, but not too much bitterness. To give Silver Salmon some depth, we used Vienna malt and added in some flaked oats. The oats increase the body and give the beer a visual dimension, an opalescence.”

This isn't your typical brewery-musician collaboration, though. While the brewery brewed and nurtured Silver Salmon IPL, the band compiled and mastered twenty-five outstanding live performances for release alongside the beer. With the purchase of a 22-oz bottle of Silver Salmon is a free download code for the album. The 25 songs were selected from various shows over the past two years. These live cuts highlight the current band today, which includes the addition of Bill Payne of Little Feat. After releasing two studio albums in the past three years, Leftover Salmon wanted to spread the live sound that people enjoy at their shows.

On July 18th it all comes together as Breckenridge Brewery hosts its annual Hootenanny with Leftover Salmon headlining the all-day music festival and pig roast. This year the brewery hosts the event at its newly opened 12-acre brewery campus in Littleton, Colorado, nine miles south of its previous Denver location. “One would think our new brewery was built for this party,” says Todd Thibault, Culture Czar for Breckenridge Brewery. “Maybe it kind of was. We have plenty of room for two stages that will feature live performances all day long. We've got great music, great food, and great beer in store again this year. Closing our first Hootenanny at the new brewery with a live Leftover Salmon performance will be legendary.”  Anders Osborne, Zach Deputy, and MilkDrive take the stage leading up to the Leftover Salmon performance, and a second stage hosted by WinterWonderGrass Festival will feature an array of local and regional bands.

Tickets for the Hootenanny can be purchased in advance at

Those attending the Hootenanny will be the very first to sample Silver Salmon IPL.  In the fall, commemorative 22-oz bottles of the collaboration beer, featuring custom artwork by John Vogl and packaged with a free album download code, will be available in select stores across the United States.

The impressive histories of Breckenridge Brewery and Leftover Salmon started within months of each other in small mountain towns two and a half decades ago, taking similar but separate paths as they each blossomed and earned national acclaim.

Leftover Salmon co-founder, singer, guitarist and washboard player Vince Herman led the Salmon Heads in the late 1980s. He asked future co-founder Drew Emmitt of the Left Hand String Band with bassist Glen Keefe to fill in for some missing Salmon Heads for a show in Crested Butte, Colorado. Together, they took the name Leftover Salmon and the group played its first show New Year's Eve, 1989, in the small mountain town. Emmitt reflects fondly on the band’s early days. “We knew we were doing something special” he says. “At that point in the early-‘90s, it was the birth of the jam band movement, Phish was starting out, Widespread Panic was starting out, and they were a little ahead of us, obviously, but we were one of the first bands to get out there with bluegrass and just get on the road and try to make something happen without a record deal. We were just following in the footsteps of New Grass Revival, Hot Rize and Little Feat, but by doing that I think we inspired some other bands too.” The band went on to produce successful album after album and tour nationally, becoming unwitting architects of the jam grass genre.

Similarly, back in the late 1980s in another small Colorado mountain town, ski bum Richard Squire shared his talents for a different kind of craftsmanship. Richard had a knack for making extraordinary home brews, and for years, only his closest friends were able to enjoy his beer. They encouraged him to share his creations with others, so in February of 1990, Richard opened the doors of Breckenridge Brewery, Colorado’s third modern-day craft brewery. The company quickly expanded to Denver to improve its ability to distribute. That's when Todd Usry, the brewery's current Brewmaster and Director of Brewery operations, joined the team. Breckenridge Brewery's mission has always been to produce very balanced and highly drinkable beers. Through steadfast commitment to quality and steady organic growth, the brewery is now one of the top 50 craft breweries in the nation.

The paths of Leftover Salmon and Breckenridge Brewery came together in 2012 when they threw a street party in celebration of the band's "Aquatic Hitchhiker" album launch. The first of their beer and music collaborations was in 2013. Leftover Salmon created four original songs that were pre-released exclusively through Breckenridge Brewery’s 12-pack Sampler Packs on Artist Series coasters. The relationship has prospered and the groups continue to collaborate on beer-music projects like Silver Salmon IPL.

About Breckenridge Brewery

Breckenridge Brewery was founded in 1990 in Breckenridge, Colorado. In the past two decades Breckenridge Brewery has grown from a small 3,000-barrels-a-year brewpub to one of the most successful craft beer and restaurant companies in the nation. It now handcrafts more than 64,000 barrels of fresh beer annually and owns and operates five brewpubs and ale houses in the state of Colorado. For more information visit

About Leftover Salmon

Looking back over the past 25 years of rootsy, string-based music, the impact of Leftover Salmon is impossible to deny. Formed in Boulder at the end of 1989, the Colorado slamgrass pioneers took their form of aggressive bluegrass to rock and roll bars at a time when it wasn’t so common, helping Salmon become a pillar of the jam band scene and unwitting architects of the jamgrass genre. Today, Leftover Salmon is: Vince Herman (vocals, acoustic guitar, washboard); Drew Emmitt (vocals, acoustic and electric mandolin, electric guitar, fiddle); Andy Thorn (vocals, acoustic and electric banjo); Greg Garrison(vocals, acoustic and electric bass); Alwyn Robinson (drums); Bill Payne (vocals, keyboards). For more information visit

Lifestyle | Breckenridge Brewery Just Changed The Craft Beer Game | Opening June 21


Summer in Colorado revolves around beer, park days, hiking, beer, camping and fights over who gets to sit next to the fan. But, after this Sunday it's going to revolve solely around Breckenridge Brewery's new restaurant/pub. Like the sun that all of us so gleefully orbit, Breck's new location is an institution and we're giving in to its gravitational pull. There's no sense in fighting it... hell, we may as well even camp out in the back. Lord knows they have enough space.

The wait is finally over! Breck will open their doors for public tours this Sunday (reservations are highly encouraged and what better gift to give dad?). Anyways, here's the low down on what to expect, what to bring and how to behave when touring this craft beer haven.

From Breckenridge Brewery's press release:

The brewery will host four scheduled tours a day, Wednesday through Monday. "We want to create a very personal experience with each tour, so you'll find that we take our time getting to know small groups of guests and introducing them to Breckenridge Brewery, behind-the-scenes," says Sarah Kokkeler, director of the brewery's tour program. Tours start in the brewery's tasting room, across the plaza from the Farm House, with a 10-oz pour from the daily selection on tap. The tour path leads from tasting room to brewery mezzanine overlooking the four-vessel 100-barrel brewhouse, across the bridge to the fermentation building, and continues on to barrel aging and packaging. Tours conclude back in the tasting room with four 4oz samples of each. Tour reservations can be made at The $3.00 charge for tours covers generous sampling, and a portion will go to rotating charities. Non-drinkers, including those under 21, are welcome to participate in tours, and there is no charge.

So, as you can see their tours are going to be pretty wonderful...and you can even bring your baby! Start em' young. That's what we always say. But, all that really means is that it's a family affair, bring a picnic blanket, sunscreen and camp out in the back. With bocce ball, craft beer and an amazing restaurant, what else could you Coloradans possibly need? See what we mean about the orbit? Are you feeling the pull yet?

Breck has already filed a restraining order against Castro because he was caught lurking in the shadows one too many times. We can't blame him tho! It's science.

After touring the brewery we're certain that this will go down in Colorado history. Thanks to breweries like Breckenridge, Colorado has become a mecca for craft beer connoisseurs and nerds alike. But, this new pub has pushed the ceiling just a little bit higher. It is because of innovation like this, that we know Breck will continue to break records, brew crazy beer with Buddha hand fruit and set the standards for what it means to be a craft brewery.

See you guys on the bocce ball court, it's going to be an amazing summer!

(All Images courtesy of Breckenridge Brewery)



Lifestyle | Where To Find Breck Brew's Hulk's Mash Glasses & Win Tickets To Denver Comic Con


Who doesn't feel like the hulk when they drink? Drinking beer and breaking things go hand in hand and blind rage too... So you know you want to get your nerdy little hands on one of Breckenridge Brewery's Hulk's Mash Comic Con glasses. There are a couple of events coming up around Denver where you can secure one of these glasses for your own AND win 3 day passes to Denver Comic Con! So read on nerds because you won't like us when were mad and drunk..

Breckenridge Brewery is giving away TWO 3-day conference passes to Denver Comic Con at TWO of these events - a total of FOUR passes will be given away!!

These are the places you can win:

1.  Thursday, May 21 at World of Beer LoDo - 6:00 p.m.

    1555 Blake Street, Suite 102, Denver

What's happening:

  • Meet the Brewer
  • Breckenridge Brewery Tap Takeover, including Hulk's Mash, a refreshing pale ale brewed with pulverized Mango and Mosaic hops
  • Commemorative Hulk's Mash Glassware Giveaway, while supplies last!
  • ENTER THE DRAWING for TWO 3-day passes to Denver Comic Con


2.  Friday, May 22 at The Monkey Barrel - 8:00 p.m.

    1611 Platte Street, Denver

What's happening:

  • The first of three "Geekender" events hosted by The Monkey Barrel during Denver Comic Con
  • Breckenridge Brewery Tap Takeover, including Hulk's Mash
  • Commemorative Hulk's Mash Glassware Giveaway, while supplies last!
  • ENTER THE DRAWING for TWO 3-day passes to Denver Comic Con




Breckenridge Brewery partners with The 1up to give conference goers a chill place to hang at the Denver Convention Center during the conference. 

The Comic Con Cantina features:

  • Hulk's Mash, the official beer of 2015 Denver Comic Con
  • Special edition TAPPER video game, with Breckenridge Brewery influence
  • Ultra-rare WRECK-IT RALPH video game


go to for a map of the following locations:


Denver Comic Con -

All Bar Locations Inside The Convention Center

700 14th St

Hyatt Regency - 650 15th St

Saturday, May 23rd at 4pm

Pizza Republica - 890 14th St

Glassware Giveaway May 23rd, 24th, 25th at 5:30pm / Tap Takeover


Tilted Kilt - 1201 16th St

Glassware Giveaway Saturday May 23rd at 6:30pm


World of Beer - 1555 Blake St

Glassware Giveaway Saturday May 23rd at 7:00pm

Breckenridge Colorado Craft - 2220 Blake St

Glassware Giveaway Saturday May 23rd at 8:30pm

Hard Rock Cafe - 500 16th St

Glassware Giveaway Saturday May 23rd at 10pm / Ticketed Event

Stout St. Social - 1400 Stout St

Glassware Giveaway Sunday, May 24th at 4pm

Illegal Pete's - 1530 16th St.

Glassware Giveaway Sunday, May 24th at 5:30pm

Paramount Cafe - 519 16th St

Glassware Giveaway Sunday, May 24th at 5pm

Marlowe's - 501 16th St

Glassware Giveaway Sunday, May 24th at 6:30pm

Scruffy Murphy's - 2030 Larimer St

Glassware Giveaway Sunday May 24th at 7:00pm

5280 Burger Bar - 500 16th St

Glassware Giveaway Monday May 25th at 4:00pm

1up Lodo - 1925 Blake St

Glassware Giveaway Monday May 25th at 5:30pm

Tarantula Billiards - 1520 Stout St

Glassware Giveaway Monday May 25th at 7:00pm


This isn't necessarily a breckbrew event, but how cool is this?! ~


During Comic Con weekend, drop by Pizza Republica to find your inner artist.  Ink Monstr, Denver custom print shop, has wrapped a Bentley for graffiti painting during Comic Con.  Pizza Republica, 890 14th St, Denver, (303) 623-2811.


Lifestlye | Breckenridge Brewery Comic Beer Announcement


Since Comic Con graced Denver with its first conference in 2012, Breckenridge Brewery has been a loyal and active sponsor.  Each year the brewery creates a special beer for the conference, and with friends from Denver Comic Con, it hosts a popular name-the-beer contest through social media.  This year’s knock-out Comic Con beer, “Hulk’s Mash,” will debut Friday, May 1st at The 1up – Colfax at 717 East Colfax Avenue in Denver.  The 1up - Colfax and The 1up – Lodo will have the beer on tap leading up to the conference May 23-25.

The fluid:
The beer is delightful pale ale made with mango puree and Mosaic hops.  It sounds mild-mannered, but don’t be fooled.  Mosaic hops produce an aromatic punch of mango, lemon, citrus, and earthy pine scents.  Loads of pulverized mangos heroically balance the hoppy aroma and flavor.

The name:
As is tradition in March, Breckenridge Brewery hosted its on-line “Name the Comic Con Beer” contest.  From 700 entries this year, 5 finalists were chosen.  Then came a public vote. “Hulk’s Mash,” the clever conception of Jonathan Cooper, rose to the top and became the honored 2015 Comic Con beer name.

The image:
New this year was the label artwork contest, sponsored by Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design.  Students at RMCAD were invited to create label designs for Hulk’s Mash, and artwork by Trevor Plaza was chosen to adorn limited-edition commemorative pint glasses.  The first 200 to attend the Hulk’s Mash release party on May 1 receive a free pint glass.  The glasses and Hulk’s Mash beer will be on sale at the conference.  Select Denver pubs are signed on to carry the beer and offer glasses (while supplies last) during Denver Comic Con weekend.

Leading up to and during Comic Con, Hulk’s Mash can be found at Breckenridge Colorado Craft, Hard Rock Café, Hyatt Regency, Marlowe’s, Paramount Café, Pizza Republica, Tarantula Billiards, The 1up (Colfax and Lodo locations), Tilted Kilt, and World of Beer.

Denver Comic Con is Denver’s premiere pop-culture fan experience, covering the worlds of comic books, film, and related media. It is also an extension of and an awareness builder for its parent organization, Pop Culture Classroom. This year, the 3-day conference will bring 90,000 fans to the Colorado Convention Center.

Follow Breckenridge Brewery and Denver Comic Con on social media for updates and additional information.

About Breckenridge Brewery

Breckenridge Brewery was founded in 1990 in Breckenridge, Colorado. In the past two decades Breckenridge Brewery has grown from a small 3,000-barrels-a-year brewpub to one of the most successful craft beer and restaurant companies in the nation. It now handcrafts more than 64,000 barrels of fresh beer annually and owns and operates five brewpubs and ale houses in the state of Colorado. For more information visit

Lifestyle | Breckenridge Brewery Partners With The East For Colab Fest

Oh! Collaboration Fest! The finest Fest of all the Fests in town. Who doesn't like to see breweries working together in perfect harmony, singing, brewing and drinking like the blood brothers we are. One of our local favorites, Breckenridge Brewery was making frenemies with the East while we were enjoying our frigidly warm winter. Are we about to see a Tupac and Biggie showdown? Or will they work together to create something that Big Poppa and 2Pac himself would imbibe? We think the latter. If history has taught us anything, it's that beer can solve any and every feud. And we'll drink to that!

Who: Starr Hill Brewery and MadTree Brewing Company.

The Results: Two recipes to be proud of, two days of brewing with new friends and two incomparable and wonderful beers to share.


The goal was to create a beer that represented each state through its ingredients. Jimmy Walker, head brewer for Breckenridge Brewery's brewpub in Breckenridge teamed up with Jeff Hunt, head brewer of MadTree Brewing. Together they came up with a short list of ingredients that included Ohio spice bush berries, Colorado spruce tips, and Colorado honey.

“Carrying 10 pounds of super fragrant spice bush berries through airport security to bring a piece of Ohio to the beer was just the beginning of a great partnership with Jimmy and the Breck crew,” shared Jeff. “We had fun coming up with a beer style, brewing something that plays well with these unique ingredients yet is still refreshing for the spring.” Jimmy added, "Both spruce tips and the spice bush berry can be easily overdone with their very potent flavor profiles. We attempted to err on the side of subtlety and keep the beer true to style.” Saison Ridge is the outcome of their meticulous efforts - a dry, refreshing, spicy and drinkable saison with subtle and complex flavor nuances from the native ingredients.


Todd Usry, Brewmaster and Director of Brewing Operations for Breckenridge Brewery, co-created the second collaboration with Robbie O'Cain, Brewmaster of Starr Hill. “Starr Hill was an easy pick for this collaboration. Its founder, Mark Thompson, is an old friend from brewing school. I was born and raised in Virginia and love the Blue Ridge Mountains where Starr Hill is based. It doesn't hurt that Starr Hill is renowned for its stouts and other beers; I've always wanted to create something with them.” Robbie came to Colorado to brew a collaborative stout at Breckenridge Brewery's Denver brewery. He shipped ahead malt and barley used in Dark Starr, Little Red RooStarr, and other great Starr Hill stouts, and he carried with him locally sourced Virginia oats. To round out the 50 barrel brew, Breckenridge threw in 200 pounds of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory dark chocolate, the same chocolate brewed in its 72 Imperial Chocolate Cream Stout.

Denver was barraged with snow the day they brewed, inspiring the name “Snow your Oats.” How appropriate that the resulting full-flavored, chocolate oatmeal stout is one that will soothe the soul and satisfy the palate during any given storm. “After a great experience brewing and sharing knowledge with the Breckenridge team, I can’t wait to show off this beer at Collaboration Fest," said Robbie, who is flying back to Colorado this weekend to help launch Snow Your Oats. "It will be a blast when Todd and Breckenridge make the trek east to Virginia later this year to brew a new collaboration with the Starr Hill team for our fans on the East Coast.”

Come drink the fine elixirs on March, 21st at Sports Authority Field @ Mile High Stadium, Denver, Colorado from 3pm-7pm.

Get yo tickets here: