Lifestyle | Taco Fest Distress | June 27-28

Let's tacobout why this past weekend's taco fest was more of a distress than a fest. First of all, there was absolutely NO organization. The ticket takers and cops were both unsure of who was checking IDs at the door. Plus, there was a side entrance where a bunch of freeloaders were sneaking in. Pure taco filled chaos.

Secondly, no one was watching the band except two people and we didn't see the lucha libre wrestling or chihuahua races happening. Did anyone? Were we being punk'd?

A few food trucks were selling tacos ranging from $2-10 and others were selling pizza and hamburgers. All of which seemed like they had just woken up, decided to start a food truck, wrote a sign in Sharpee and happened to come across this fest. Sadly, the lines were too long to eat, so we have no idea if it was tasty or not. For all we know we could have missed out on a great meal, or maybe we just escaped salmonella poisoning... Some things are better left unsolved.

Moral of the story: Do not be tempted by the promise of milk and honey (read: tacos and beer), for all you know, it will end up being a chaotic vat of sweaty lost souls, lines, and a few food trucks.