Music | Treefort 2016 - Recap

It is a Treefort miracle the Ultra5280 crew made it to Boise in the first place considering last week’s blizzard. Now, as the festival comes to a close, we’ll reflect on our favorite acts.

1.     Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires – Most inspiring

2.     Mothers – Most emotive

3.     Helvetia – Most genuine 

4.     Thunderpussy – Most sexy

5.     Street Fever – Most theatrical

6.     Ned Garthe Explosion – Most entertaining (silly string, confetti, air horns... "Spring Break Tampa 2002" - Ned Garthe)

Essentially, Treefort is a gathering of really nice, good-looking people. The city is beautiful and so are the venues. Even “peefort” (not it’s official name), a collection of the best smelling porta-potties I’ve ever been in, was a positive experience. The festival is only in it’s fifth year, yet it attracts talent from all over the world. The Duck Club does a wonderful job organizing and executing Treefort. 

In some ways, Boise reminds me of Denver; especially the collection of talented artists which call the city home. In comparing the two places, Treefort festival prompts thoughts of the Underground Music Showcase, evoking fond recollections of past years and excitement for UMS 2017. It is refreshing to see Denver bands playing Treefort and Boise bands playing UMS, working together to support locals from both communities. We will absolutely be back for Treefort 2017, and look forward to following the talent we discovered this year. 


Written by: Haley Midzor 

Photos by: Liz Whitman