The UMS Artist Spotlight: Down Time

If you like burritos, tacos, beer, or bourbon, then you already have four things in common with Denver-based Down Time. This indie rock trio, comprised of Alyssa Maunders, David Weaver and Justin Camilli, is ready to hit the UMS stage after the recent release of its first EP, “Good Luck!”. With jangly, desert riffs and a carefree attitude, Down Time is the perfect set to down that third beer to and get the party going--there’s a sugary sweetness to Maunders’ vocals that will take the edge off the exhaustion and beating sun. Notably, the band is on Denver’s very own local label, GROUPHUG, which bears other UMS bands such as Panther Martin and Super Bummer. Catch Down Time at The Hornet and maybe buy them a drink or three.

-Jocelyn Rockhold

Down Time

Saturday July 30th / The Hornet / 5:00-5:40