Washed Out Keeps it Mellow 8/22


Washed Out hit the Ogden Theater on August 22nd, and Mister Mellow, their new Xanax daydream-esque album, took over. Released June 30th, on Stones Throw Records, the CD apparently comes with a visual accompaniment that Washed Out has made come to life on this tour.

Ernest Greene, was on stage with two others in front of what looked like very similar set ups with slight variations: the man on the left having guitars and bass, the man on the right having drums, and Greene in the middle with a microphone in addition to a beat pad and some synthesizers like the others. Perched in front of a simple screen in all white outfits, the projected 60’s and 70’s style psychedelic graphics turned the whole band into a piece of moving art, which was interesting to see come alive, and change throughout the show. When the shapes of their bodies weren’t being manipulated and portrayed on the screen in a pop art fashion, there were graphics of smiley faces, and electric colors that assisted the music in coming to life.


 A nearly perfect mix of the new album and old favorites, this show seemed to be aimed in a little more of a dancey direction, which unfortunately didn’t include some of the more trippy interludes and vocal bits I would have liked to see be a part of this album’s tour. Favorites off of previous albums Life of Leisure, Within & Without, and Paracosm such as, “Feel It All Around” (the Portlandia theme song), “New Theory”, and “Amor Fati”. The highlight of the set list was definitely “Hard To Say Goodbye”, a single off the new album, and a crowd pleaser in the most mellow way. How you can bring the mile high city down into this sense of melodic, dreamy, euphoric pop, I don’t know, but Washed Out did it, and hopefully will be paying Denver a visit sooner than the last time we saw him.


Washed Out | It Feels Right | Stream

Nothing like new music showing up in our inbox. Check outs the latest from Washed Out. The band has also announced a slew of dates starting in August (see below).  While most of the dates are festivals, we would expect a Fall tour right after.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 8.47.01 AM.png

Washed Out Tour: 

August 24//Monterey,CA//Firecity Festival

August 25//Los Angeles,CA//FYF

August 31//Seattle,WA//Bumbershoot

September 8//Sacramento,CA//Launch Festival

September 13//Metro

September 14//Detroit,MI//Laneway Festival

September 15//Toronto,ON//Opera House

September 18/New York,NY//Terminal 5

Cut Copy at the Ogden Theater: October 4, 2011: Review

Ultra5280 was in the house last Tuesday night as we headed out to the Ogden Theater. Cut Copy, without a doubt, managed to throw one of the better dance parties I’ve ever been to.  The Ogden was totally packed for the Australian quartet, and they certainly didn’t disappoint.  Washed Out set a good stage, getting the crowd moving, but the excitement really rose when Cut Copy took the stage.

Opening with “Take Me Over,” Cut Copy gave everyone exactly what they wanted with their danceable tunes that gave everyone energy.  The crowd did not stop dancing for the entire show.  They played through most of their favorite tracks, including “Lights and Music” and “Hearts on Fire,” playing for well over an hour.  Nobody on stage stopped moving for the entire set, with a light show that was simply fun to watch.  The strobes and lasers complemented the music in unison as the Ogden crowd absorbed the musical ecstasy.

Even though it was a Tuesday night, Denver certainly brought it hard to the Ogden.  Everyone in the house was willing to sacrifice a few hours of sleep for the fun that Cut Copy had to offer.