Music | Shredded Beast Music Festival: Artist Spotlight Sam Lachow

Sam Lachow is a producer, songwriter, rapper, videoapher, director, and editor of video and music. Raised in both Seattle and New York City he's been making videos since elementary school, and as a seven-grar began a group called Shankbone. Sam began directing and producing music videos with Shankbone, and went on to create videos for various other artists.

In 2011 Sam released his debut album as a solo artist, titled "Brand New Bike". The album was produced entirely by Sam utilizing many live instruments from musicians based in Seattle and New York. The next year Sam released 2 EP's, and produd/dicted dozens of music videos from the projects on his YouTube channel, which now has over 4 million views.

After spending the majority of 2013 touring, Sam put out 2 projects in 2014. In August he released his second full length album Hucklerry, then followed up with the 80 Bars EP in November. Both projects are available at samlaow.c.

Music | Shredded Beats Music Festival: Artist Spotlight Late Night Radio

Hustling to make his mark in Denver, Colorado's electronic music melting pot, Late Night Radio is earning the respect of fans and peers alike through prolific production, innovative experimentation, and a dogged dedication to the craft. Alex Medellin has put in his time in the industry, coming up in Texas and California, but his ascension in the Colorado scene speaks to his ability to not only create a stunning array of original tracks, but bring them to life onstage, practicing what he preaches - guided by the mantra "emotion over energy."
Medellin's background in hip-hop is crucial to his development as a producer. Unlike some of his contemporaries who came up in the dance music scene, Late Night Radio keeps his cuts funky and inventive with an unshakable commitment to soulful grooves. Even when LNR breaks into high-energy, cabinet-rattling climaxes, the emotional depth remains. His wildly popular Vinyl Restoration series of old-school mixes has rooted his sound in deep, expressive sampling that keeps him firmly grounded in the lessons of the past, while reaching forward to craft his own signature sound. 
A slew of collaborations, remixes and tour dates with notable acts are propelling Medellin's vision into new territories. Late Night Radio is poised to break out of the Centennial state, spreading the love to cities coast-to-cast and beyond as the LNR vision spreads. Late Night Radio will be playing this weekend's Shredded Beats Music Festival on Friday night at The Bluebird Theater at 11:00 P.M.

Music | Shredded Beats Music Playlist 3

It's Shredded Beats Week here at Ultra5280 and we are giving you a taste of some of the awesome music you will be hearing this coming weekend. Our friends over at So- Gnar have been curating some awesome playlist to get you familiar with the artist at this years festival. Have a listen and then run out and grab your tickets.

Here at So-Gnar, as the underdogs, we consistently make an effort to feature the most progressive artists in the industry. SO, this June 26th and 27th for the Shredded Beats Festival, we are bringing TWO nights of incredible talent to 5 different venues in Denver. By featuring some of the best national and local acts in hip-hop & electronica we hope to introduce some young talent to more ears, and party our asses off. Tickets are now on sale! $20 starting price and two-day passes will be available. Grab your all access passes while you still can.

Music | Shredded Beats Music Playlist 2

With the Shredded Beats Street Festival fast approaching today we debut part two of the music playlist curated by So Gnar. Tickets are still available and going fast so be sure to cop yourself a pair. 

TWO nights of the best hip-hop & electronic dance music Denver has to offer at 5 venues?! Mark your calendars now. Tickets are now on sale! $20 starting price and two-day passes will be available. Grab your all access passes while you still can. 

Two Day Passes $40!: