Snowball Music Festival | Review and Photo Essay | Day 1

This weekend was made for music lovers of all sorts in the Mile High City. With an abundance of local shows all around town and The Snowball Music Festival taking place at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Denver music lovers had no excuse to get their music fix. We managed to head out to Snowball this year and came away with some awesome photos and long lasting memories of some great performances. Check out our day by day recap of all the festivities below:

Friday Day 1:

Ethan Bryce and Alex Anderson of Rose Quartz (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

As we arrived on day one there was no shortage of Black Milk leggings, faux fur hoodies and your traditional rave scene wardrobes. The late afternoon setting played host to some amazing performances from MiMosa, who had the Groove Tent in all out rage mode with his distinct style of showmanship and musical savvy. With bass pounding transitions and sing-along favorites, it was one performance that may have benefitted on the larger main stage. Other notable performances were from local Holy Underground Record Label mates Rose Quartz and Real Magic who played back to back sets on The Ballroom Stage. The duo of Ethan Bryce and Alex Anderson of Rose Quartz had a few in the crowd dancing to their electro-pop bag of goodies. The surprise of the night came courtesy of a band called Escort. Described as "disco-orchestra", the band which usually involves 17 members had to deal with the smaller stage and improvised with a smaller group, yet managed to give Denver something to groove to. With a lead singer who channels her inner Hendrix on guitar and belts out vocal like Donna Summer, we highly recommend giving this band a listen. The late evening garnered the attention to the Main Stage as Earl Sweatshirt played a rather boring set (in comparison to his recent Cervantes show a few weeks ago). It seemed like he was lacking the energy often associated with an act off the odd Future crew. Knife Party who has become a "legend" in Colorado played an ok set, by no means was it monumental as his recent sets at Red Rocks. While the EDM crowd gathered around his performance Warpaint took the stage across the way. In all honestly i felt a bit disappointed with their set, immense fog and hard to hear vocals may have been drowned out by the bass pounding electro set Knife Party was throwing down.

Day 1 Highlights:

Hits: Rose Quartz, Real Magic, MiMOSA, Option4, Escort, Henry Fong

Misses: Earl Sweatshirt, Warpaint, Knife Party

Fad of the day: Colorful leggings, Sierra Nevada "Happy Hour", Face paint.