Music | HARD Red Rocks | Red Rocks Amphitheatre | July 30 | Photo Essay

In what has become an annual tradition the HARD Festival has taken residency at Red Rocks the last couple years now and has brought some of electronica's biggest acts to the stage for one bass thumping night. This years lineup included some of the best including Option 4, Destructo. Porter Robinson, Dog Blood, and Glitch Mob. We had a chance to take in the music and provide you with some of the best visuals from the night. Enjoy.

District and Pineapples (Photo Credit: Andrew Rios)

Porter Robinson (Photo Credit: Andrew Rios)

Skrillex waving the Colorado flag (Photo Credit: Andrew Rios)

The Glitch Mob (Photo Credit: Andrew Rios)

Check out the HARD Red Rocks Slideshow below: (Photo Credit: Andrew Rios)

X-Games | Aspen | January 22-25

We recently added Lifestyle as a new section to the blog, where we will be covering things like SIA, beer festivals, Colorado Restaurant Week and whatever else sounds enticing and falls under that umbrella. So we decided that X-Games was as great of place as any to test the waters. There were famous people, frost bite, Gucci stores and absolutely no cabs. With that kind of combination, how was there any way we could not have ourselves a good time?

The highlights of the weekend consisted of: stumbling upon a pregame in Scotty Lago's apartment, watching Bobby Brown shatter his helmet, get back up and go at it again,  going to Snoop Dogg's after, after party at 5am (Sadly, Snoop was nowhere to be found but I did see his pimp mobile from a distance) and watching a 14-year old kick everybody's ass at basically anything snow related.

This year's Games had the largest turnout to date with over 45,000 people attending on Saturday night alone. This just so happened to be the night Skrillex was playing...coincidence? Methinks not. The buses were brimming with over eager tweens chugging 40s before we reached Buttermilk Mountain; it was like going to a teen dance on steroids. Skrillex was on point that night, with his entire set being televised for the masses. He was jumping around, pushing his buttons and faders and engaging the crowd. It was difficult to walk away from the show without chanting "my name is Skrillex" for the next 5 hours. Along with Skrillex we were able to watch Snoop Dogg, Chromeo and Wiz Khalifa all perform over the weekend as well, dressed in their Aspen attire and ready to appease the X-Games faithful.

Sidenote: Anyone in attendance to this year's X-Games must have seen the man with a foot-long spiked Mohawk dashing across Main Street. Either he lived right by Main, or he was just a very busy human that had to run headfirst into traffic, but we must have seen him least 6 times darting hap-haphazardly through the night.

- Men's & Women's Ski SuperPipe Final: Simon d'Artois & Maddie Bowman
- Men's & Women's Snowboarder X Qtrs/Semis/Finals: Kevin Hill & Lindsey Jacobellis
- Snowboard Big Air: Mark McMorris
- Snowmobile Long Jump: Heath Frisby
- Men's & Women's Ski Slopestyle: Nick Goepper & Emma Dahlstrom
- Go Pro Ski Big Air: Vincent Gagnier
- Men's & women's Snowboard Slopestyle: Danny Davis, Silje Norendal

It is important to note that this was the first year that Shaun White did not place in any event. Could this X-Games mark the end of the Shaun White era? Or maybe he has been too busy focusing on his band, Bad Things, the last couple of years. Maybe after a long summer's rest he will come back rejuvenated and ready to kick ass again... Regardless, it was definitely exciting to see new people earn medals and begin to make a name for themselves in the snowsport world. Until next time X-Games, until next time.