Slow Caves on 'Desert Minded' | Show w/ DIIV @ Summit 5/13

Slow Caves, a Fort Collins-based band with pop-rock influences and a jangly vibe that’s suitable for a drive in a cherry red convertible, is fresh off its release of “Desert Minded” on March 10. The band, comprised of Jakob and Oliver Mueller, both vocals/guitar, David Dugan, guitar/bass, and Jackson Lamperes, drums, blends a 90s party attitude with early 2000s rock to produce one of the most exciting, energetic sounds to currently come out of Colorado. Ultra5280 was able to chat with member David Dugan ahead of the band’s upcoming Red Bull Sound Select show with DIIV at Summit Music Hall on May 13. Read below to hear about Slow Caves’ experience about partying with BRONCHO, creating “Desert Minded” and some serious love for The Strokes. 

Jocelyn: Can you talk about the process behind your most recent EP, “Desert Minded?”

Dugan: The first ep we did, Oliver and Jakob did it together out in LA, and that was before we had played any shows. When they brought it back, it was like, ‘okay, let’s play these songs and see how they work live.’ With this EP, it’s all songs we’ve been playing for the past two years. If you’ve see us at a show, you’ve heard us play these songs. We like to think these are the songs we base our sound around, and they give you a vibe of what Slow Caves is now and what we’re moving towards. We originally recorded [Desert Minded] last January, and we were gonna put it out last May. We had a couple EP release shows booked. We ended up getting signed to Old Flame Records and finished that deal in April, and had to push everything back with paperwork and everything, so that took about a year. It feels good that it’s out and we’re touring it. It feels like a long time in the making, but definitely worth it.

Jocelyn: What is your songwriting process like?

Dugan: It’s different for every song. There will be times when the four of us are just hanging out and we’ll try to write a song like that. Oliver and Jakob are the two guys who are the main songwriters. Usually they’ll come to practice with a fully-formed idea or a guitar part, and we’ll just hash it out in the practice space over the course of a couple weeks. The best songs come out in an hour or two though, honestly. 

Slow Caves @ SXSW, 2017. 

Slow Caves @ SXSW, 2017. 

Slow Caves' Jakob Mueller @ Treefort Music Festival, 2017. 

Slow Caves' Jakob Mueller @ Treefort Music Festival, 2017. 

Jocelyn: Can you tell us about your trip to Austin for SXSW?

Dugan: SX was crazy, it was a whirlwind. That’s the second time we’ve been down there, but the first time we’ve played official showcases. We played 6 shows in 4 days. That’s not too many, but the scene down there is really chaotic and there’s free food and drinks everywhere. You don’t mean to get drunk, but you kind of do, and you have to go play shows. 

Jocelyn: We know a lot of bands leave SXSW with a crazy story or two--do you have any?

Dugan: A bunch of that. We were going to go see BRONCHO, and we ended up partying with the lead singer until like 3 in the morning, just hanging out with him. He ended up recording a message with Jakob for his girlfriend, she’s a BRONCHO fan. So he recorded a video message wishing her happy birthday. We love that band, they’re amazing. 

Jocelyn: You guys are playing a Red Bull Sound Select show and then going on tour. How did this show get set up and where are your favorite places to play shows? 

Dugan: It’s a little bit of a one-off show for us [before tour starts.] The people from Red Bull Sound Select reached out to us and we joined their program. We saw DIIV at UMS a couple years ago—then, we hadn’t listened to them a lot, but now we do listen to them a lot. We really like their guitar work. We’re heading out to hit Chicago, Pittsburgh, and everything in between. That’s like our third tour this year, and we’re pretty stoked about it. We really enjoy going to California. So far, Salt Lake City is a really good market for us. People turn out there. It gets a bad rap, but it’s been good for us. It’s a beautiful place, and there’s always a lot of kids that come out to shows. Our goal for this year is play away from Colorado as much as we possibly can. We want to play 100 shows, I don’t know if it’s going to happen. We want to tour as much as possible, because it’s the best way for us to grow. We’ll do as many tours as we can in the next couple of years. 

Jocelyn: Previously, Slow Caves has listed bands such as The Beach Boys and The Strokes as influences—as the band has grown, has that changed at all?

Dugan: The Beach Boys and The Strokes are still there—we do a lot of vocal harmonies and partial chords, but we also have Nirvana and some more shoegaze stuff like The Smiths. The guys emulate [David Bowie’s] singing style. At first it was like ‘we love The Strokes, let’s write songs like them’ and now it’s more like we’ve moved into our own sound. We definitely do still love The Strokes though.

Jocelyn: Oliver and Jakob are both from Denmark, while you and Jackson are from the US—has being from two different countries influenced your music at all?

Dugan: Totally. Oliver and Jakob were pretty young when they moved here. Last summer we actually all went to Denmark together for almost a month, and tried to write songs there. There’s definitely things we take away from traveling to Denmark. It’s something cool to be able to experience. Me and Oliver, one of our old bands played at a music festival over there. Denmark has been a big part of all of our lives. 

Jocelyn: For someone who hasn’t seen Slow Caves live, how would you describe the experience?

Dugan: We don’t like to take it too seriously. We have as much fun as we can on stage. If we’re not gonna look like we’re enjoying ourselves and going crazy, then why should the crowd have a good time? We have a pretty positive and happy vibe going through the whole thing. 

Buy tickets to candace, Slow Caves and DIIV here, and stream 'Desert Minded' here. 

Interview conducted by writer Jocelyn Rockhold. 


Music | SHOW ALERT: Red Bull Sound Selects Denver Presents- SANGO, SPZRKT and CRL CRRLL | March 31 | Cervantes

As if we don't get spoiled enough with the amount of shows Red Bull Sound Select gives us each year. Another awesome show has just been announced on March 31st at Cervantes. Headlining this shindig is none other than SANGO who will get support from SPZRKT and local CRL CRRLL. As always these shows are a blast and fill up rather quickly. We recommend RSVP'ing right away before you get left out. Check out the artist below!

Image courtesy: Windish Agency

Image courtesy:

Image courtesy: Fasor Lab

What:: Sango, SPZRKT (pronounce Spazzy Rocket), CRL CRRLL
Venue: Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
Date: Thursday, March 31
Time: 8 PM Doors / 9 PM Show
Cost: $3 w/ RSVP

Music | SHOW ALERT: Red Bull Sound Select Presents: Wild Nothing, Inner Oceans and Flaural | April 30th

It seems like our good friends at The UMS are always bringing the heat with awesome musical lineups. Aside from the most awesome local music festival put together every year, they also manage to curate some pretty amazing Red Bull Sound Select events in our lovely city. It feels like we just finished watching Cloud Nothings destroy they Hi-Dive just yesterday. The party continues on April 30th as Wild Nothing comes to The Bluebird Theater along with local faves Inner Oceans and Flaural.

Equal parts dream pop and post-punk, the band is definitely one to see. Their new album “Life of Pause” debuts later this month and this will be the first time Denver gets to hear the new tunes. Not to be outdone, both Inner Oceans and the psych rockers Flaural are Sound Select bands that are worthy of your attention on a “I saw them before they broke big” level.

As always you must RSVP to the event to get in for a mere $3. Trust us it's the best $3 dollars you will ever spend, it will even leave you with some leftover money for some Red Bull (sponsor plug).

FEATURING: Wild Nothing, Inner Oceans, Flaural

DATE: Saturday, April 30

TIME: 8 PM Doors // 9 PM Show

TICKETS: Must RSVP for $3 entry. Entry is first come, first serve on DOS. 



Music | SHOW ALERT: RBSS Presents: The Internet, Povi, and Turner Jackson curated by Souls In Action

The hits keep coming. As always our homies over at Red Bull Sound Select are bringing the heat on October 20th with a stellar lineup. Headlining will be The Internet who have been scorching the airwaves with their hit "Special Affair". Also on the bill our two of our favorites, the beautiful Povi, who recently just wrapped a Red Bull Tour Bus with SZA and Lizzo across the midwest. Also on the bill is the always animated and talented Turner Jackson who if you remember blew up the spot at our 3rd Anniversary party last year. This will be sure to sell out and as is the case we highly encourage you to RSVP. As an incentive they are offering free drinks to the firs 100 people as well as some rad giveaways and activities. We have a special prize package coming your way so stay tuned. The lineup is curated by our good friends over at Souls in Action. RSVP

Red Bull Sound Select Presents: Denver

Date: Tues 10/20/15

Venue: The 1 Up - Colfax

Curated by: Souls In Action

Featuring: The Internet, Povi, Turner Jackson

Povi (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Turner Jackson (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Music | SHOW ALERT: This Weekend's Best Denver Shows | September 24-25

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Friday: Red Bull Sound Select Denver: Viet Cong, Spells, and Eros and Eschaton curated by The UMS | The Marquis Theatre

Our good friends at The UMS are once again curating a kick ass lineup for Red Bull Sound Select and this one is sure to be a thing of beauty. Headlining the show our one of our favorite acts we caught at SXSW Viet Cong (name change pending), also on the bill are local faves Spells and Eros and Eschaton. You must RSVP to this and for a mere $3 you can enjoy a night full of amazing bands.

Friday: A Place To Bury Strangers with Grooms, Emerald Siam, and Hands of Midnight | Larimer Lounge

If you want loud, make sure you make your way down to Larimer Lounge for a Place To Bury Strangers, last time we saw these guys they were climbing speaker stacks at The UMS a few years ago. They come fast, loud and we highly recommend getting yourself of good earplugs. Tickets are on sale and this is almost certain to sell out.

Saturday: Larimer Block Party | Larimer Street

Now as if you haven't noticed we are pretty big fans of local bands, in fact it's what makes the backbone of a large chunk of our coverage. The first annual Larimer Block Party is bringing in some of our favorites including three of our confirmed acts for Ultraween 5 (shameless plug). If you want to get a preview of whats the come on Halloween be sure to catch Crl Crrll, Sur Ellz and Jilly.FM. Aside from a killer lineup of local acts they didn't mess around and got some pretty awesome headliners including Del The Funky Homosapien, Joywave, Sango, and BADBADNOTGOOD. This one day festival is not to be missed and for a mere $15 bucks you will be able to catch an awesome day of music. Check out the schedule below.

Saturday: Karl Denson's Tiny Universe (Breck Brew GABF After-Party) The Ogden Theatre

One of our favorite breweries is hosting a great party this Saturday at The Ogden for the second year in a row bringing in Karl Denson. We attended this awesome party last year and word on the street is if you play your cards right you can win a pair of tickets for this on our Instagram right now. Breck Brew and awesome music, makes for a great night.

Saturday: Miami Weisse - GABF After Party Presented by New Belgium + J. Wakefield Brewing featuring: Bud Bronson + the Good Timers, Charlie Parr, Party or Don't DJs

Here is another GABF after party from the good guys at New Belgium and J. Wakefield Brewing. This one features locals Bud Bronson & The Good Timers, Charlie Parr, and the Party or Don't DJ's. Be prepared to experience a lot of plaid themed attire with a nod to the Miami Vice era. If you see Crockett or Tubbs tell them we said hi. Beers Pouring: Showcasing the New Belgium and J. Wakefield collaboration Grilled Pineapple Berliner that sounds delicious.