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We had a chance to get our mitts on the new EP titled Interiors by Denver locals Monroe Monroe, and can say it was a pleasure to our ears. With Frank Abbatecola once again holding down vocals and guitar, it is new members Danny and Andrew Aranow on guitar and drums, flanked by James Morrison on bass that complete the band. 

Have you ever driven down the road and all of a sudden a fully restored 1966 Mustang rolls up next to you, it’s clean, it’s shiny, it’s roaring, a true testament to fine craftsmanship? This is what conjured up in my head upon first listening to Interiors by Monroe Monroe. It came at me fast, strong and left a rather pleasant taste in my mouth.

The opening riffs of “The Salesman," are what sets the tone for the rest of the album with strong dynamics and warm undertones. The second track “Sleepy Rose” starts off with a nice drum intro transitioning straight into a rather dark, yet enjoyable lyrical barrage that stays consistent throughout the song keeping the listener engaged from the beginning. The last track “Everything You Give” builds on a strong foundation laying ground for what can be considered a strong arena anthem, I can just imagine what this would sound like in a huge space. It’s an ode to the modern day drug dealer, “..i need these thrills and pills, everything you give I want to be right here until the end, I swear...”

 All in all the new EP Interiors is a very well polished piece of work that is infectious and easily an album that can be put on repeat over and over. Be sure to check out Monroe Monroe this Saturday for their EP release party at The Hi-Dive with special guests My Body Sings Electric, Common Anomaly and Swing Hero, more info here.

Halloween at the Bluebird Theater: Air Dubai, The Epilogues, Monroe Monroe, ManCub

All Hallows Eve in the Mile High City was pretty rockin’ this year despite it falling on a Monday night. While many people chose to celebrate over the weekend, those interested in keeping their festivities local couldn’t have asked for a better line up than at The Bluebird Theatre on Monday night. Air Dubai, The Epilogues, Monroe Monroe, and ManCub all came out in full “cape and cowl”, ready to rock the east end of Colfax and help their fans celebrate Halloween.

This show was the grand finale to a four-day mini tour hosted and co-headlined by Air Dubai and The Epilogues, hitting each end of the state and featuring different acts from the respective areas as they went. With In The Whale, The Photo Atlas, My Body Sings Electric, and Monroe Monroe all being featured as main support to the co-headliners on separate nights, it was nearly impossible to pick a night you wouldn’t love to attend. Monday night went off without a hitch, as the costume-adorned audience found the Bluebird’s capacity at a perfect medium: packed full of fans, but not crowded to the point where it was uncomfortable. With ManCub opening the night with their distinct brand of techno-electronic beats, and Monroe Monroe following them with their Indie-punk energy, the crowd was obviously warmed up and excited to see The Epilogues take the stage at 9:30.

In their typical style, the band played a generous mix of new and old favorites like “King Arthur”, “Futurebox”, and “The World is Yours”. Fans were excited to hear lead singer Chris Heckman announce that their new music video for their song “The Fallout” will be released “very, very soon”. The Bluebird went wild as they finished their set with their radio single “Hunting Season”, made famous by it’s airplay from local radio station KTCL and their “Local’s Only” segment. Fans seemed very happy with the set, as the band also seemed happy to finally be home after a long, and fun weekend.

Air Dubai finished out the evening with fun for both new and old fans. Celebrating the release of their newest EP, “Day Escape” which just hit stores this past week (available online at or on iTunes), the crowd was treated to a great mix of fan favorites like “Lasers”, “Modern Gold”, “Warm Days”, and“I Know How”, as well as new tracks like “Summer Solstice”, “Lights Out”, and “Still Searching”. Their certainly something new happening with tracks found on “Day Escape”. It might be the fact that all but one song on this new CD was recorded in California this past August, but in my opinion there’s a bit of a vintage, summery vibe to these tracks, and I LOVE it. Check out Castro’s review of the record -> HERE <-  Overall, this was one of the stronger sets I’ve seen Air Dubai play, probably thanks to the newest tunes added to the setlist. The band sounded on top of their game, and didn’t seem to stutter over any new material. Dressed like The Wiggles, the band gave the crowd an amazing set from beginning to end, closing with their radio single “restless Youth”. 

Currently The Epilogues don’t have any tour/show dates listed on any of their websites, so be sure to “like” them on Facebook to keep updated. Air Dubai is playing a big show November 19th at The Fox Theatre in Boulder. Be sure to grab tickets soon, as the band just announced a free copy of their new EP "Day Escape" with an e-mailed proof of purchase to their Boulder show! Hope to see you all out there showing Denver’s artists some love!


The Epilogues' Video Premier at the Bluebird Theatre-Review


Bluebird TheatreThe EpiloguesMr RightMonroe MonroeInput My Body Sings Electric

We caught Mr Right at 8:00 as the room was starting to fill up. We are lucky enough to have seen Mr Right on multiple occasions in the past, and the progress they have made was definitely evident on Wednesday evening. Front man Drew Torres' humor breaks the ice between songs and his crisp, clear vocals shape the band's sound. His multi-tasking skills add a wow factor as he tackles covering the keys, vocals, and bass for the band. His bandmates, brothers Adam and Jarrod Barraza play drums and guitar, respectively, as well as supporting vocals. The band's original songs sound clean and cohesive, a clear indicator of the fact that they've been playing together for a very long time. We will definitely be keeping an eye on these guys as they continue to grow a following here in Denver. We'll keep you posted!

Mr. Right

Next up was Monroe Monroe. The term indie is often thrown around in the music scene these days, and Monroe Monroe may indeed be indie, but they are also rock and roll. With strong riffs (guitar and vocals Tavis Alley), intense bass lines (Lauren Gale). precise drumming (drums and loops Matthew Morse), and the vocals of Bella Abbatecola, Monroe Monroe gives us a sound reminiscent of a cross between the Kings of Leon (a little more rock) and The Foo Fighters (a little less rock).

Monroe Monroe

Input took the stage after Monroe Monroe, hyping us up for an awesome hip hop show. His DJ and beats engineer warmed up the crowd with a dub-step intro, and then laid down some impressive tracks for Input to rap over. Input's stage presence is definitely there; his passion and drive is evident in his performance and he knows how to work a crowd. It seems, however that he may still be searching for individuality in his sound. His tracks mirror the indie hip hop scene in some places, but the mainstream rap scene in others. I'd love to see Input polish his sound a little bit more, bringing something unique we haven't seen before to the table. In the meantime, I have much respect for his rhymes and the meaning behind them. 


Continuing with the indie rock theme, next up was My Body Sings Electric. This was our first time seeing this band and right away we got the impression that they aim for perfection every time they step onstage. Backed by an impressive stage of strobes and visuals with the band's name on them (they make sure you know who they are) they commanded the stage with a confident presence. Even when technical difficulties halted the show in the middle of the set, they improvised, asking the crowd for "corny jokes". Castro was really hoping Bryn would volunteer her Lady Gaga joke, but she totally chickened out. Once MBSE was back on track, it was all business with hit after hit including a cover of MGMT's "Electric Feel," and their own "Step into the Light" which the crowd seemed to know word for word. Make sure you pick up their latest release, "Changing Color." 

My Body Sings Electric

The Epilogues

The Epilogues

Keep an eye on The Epilogues and catch them while they are still playing small, intimate venues in their hometown; these guys are climbing fast and this is the time to catch them at their best!
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