Monroe Monroe | Interiors EP | Review and News

We had a chance to get our mitts on the new EP titled Interiors by Denver locals Monroe Monroe, and can say it was a pleasure to our ears. With Frank Abbatecola once again holding down vocals and guitar, it is new members Danny and Andrew Aranow on guitar and drums, flanked by James Morrison on bass that complete the band. 

Have you ever driven down the road and all of a sudden a fully restored 1966 Mustang rolls up next to you, it’s clean, it’s shiny, it’s roaring, a true testament to fine craftsmanship? This is what conjured up in my head upon first listening to Interiors by Monroe Monroe. It came at me fast, strong and left a rather pleasant taste in my mouth.

The opening riffs of “The Salesman," are what sets the tone for the rest of the album with strong dynamics and warm undertones. The second track “Sleepy Rose” starts off with a nice drum intro transitioning straight into a rather dark, yet enjoyable lyrical barrage that stays consistent throughout the song keeping the listener engaged from the beginning. The last track “Everything You Give” builds on a strong foundation laying ground for what can be considered a strong arena anthem, I can just imagine what this would sound like in a huge space. It’s an ode to the modern day drug dealer, “..i need these thrills and pills, everything you give I want to be right here until the end, I swear...”

 All in all the new EP Interiors is a very well polished piece of work that is infectious and easily an album that can be put on repeat over and over. Be sure to check out Monroe Monroe this Saturday for their EP release party at The Hi-Dive with special guests My Body Sings Electric, Common Anomaly and Swing Hero, more info here.