Pulp Fiction Gets Bass House Treatment from producer Levi Double U

Denver-based DJ and producer Levi Double U was barely over a year old when the cult classic Pulp Fiction debuted at Cannes Film Festival in May of 1994. Before Samuel L. Jackson played Marvel’s Nick Fury, he was the smooth-talking, Bible-quoting, bad mother fucker Jules Winnfield of Inglewood, California. The infamous apartment scene with Jules and Vincent Vega remains one of Levi Double U’s favorite movie scenes, and serves as the inspiration for his new song and video “Say What”.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Pulp Fiction, Levi put his own spin on the Pulp Fiction scene, creating a hyped-up bass house track with pieces of the Jules Winnfield “Say what again” monologue.

The “Say What” video features many of Levi Double U’s favorite scenes from the film, while keeping pace with the driving house beat and reminding everyone that Marcellus Wallace does not look like a bitch.









First Listen: Levi Double U & Reed Fox “Fish Are Small” & “Poodlez”

Denver-based producers Levi Double U & Reed Fox have come together, with the help of Reed’s seven year old niece, Isa (aka Foofy), to make possibly the coolest dance tracks about animals you will hear in 2019. The two-song EP, Animalz & Stuff, shows off the dynamic producer duo’s love for hard-hitting house music, while giving a taste of the lyrical genius of the seven year old Foofy in her debut.

‘Fish Are Small’ and ‘Poodlez’ draw inspiration from some of Levi and Reed’s favorite artists, such as Wax Motif, Joyryde, and AC Slater. With bass-heavy drops, bouncy drums, and animal-inspired lyrics, the tracks are well-suited for any dance hall or nightclub.

The Animalz & Stuff EP will be available on all major platforms on March 29th, 2019.

Adiel Mitchell | JUNGLE EP Review

Adiel Mitchell emerging from the Jungle of Hobby Lobby. (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Adiel Mitchell just released his newest EP titled Jungle and we have been vibin’ to it in the office for about a week now. The three song EP captures a different side of Mitchell than we are used to hearing yet he still maintains that unique sound we fell in love with from his previous EP About Last Night.

"Following About Last Night, I really wanted to create a small package of songs that I just wanted to party with," he said. "I felt like ALN was a real groovy project with deep lyrics but packaged with a signature pop vibe but I wanted to broaden those horizons and really follow where my inspirations and influences were taking me...Every song has its own story on how it came together and how it affects me. I purposely stepped out of my box to take some risks and see how truly free I could expose my artistry."

On this EP Mitchell is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone and prove the versatility he has in his arsenal as he rips through the three song EP with no abandonment. The lead song aptly sharing the same title as the EP “Jungle” , has Mitchell storm out the gate with a lyrical bombardment accompanied by a devastating drum beat that has us singing the chorus with ferocity (strange flex for us mild mannered music snobs), the song transitions into a slower soulful beat in which Mitchell demonstrates his expertise in being able to flip the switch at the drop of a dime. Easily our favorite track on the EP.

Jungle (photo Credit: Robert Castro)

The second single “Stuck on You” takes Mitchell back to his roots as he belts the chorus to what we can only imagine slow dancing with our significant partner in a rather sensual manner. Turn up the 808 on this one and sit back as you indulge in some of his finest work.

The last track “Ugh (There She Go)” is a classical take on a simple yet successful formula for what a radio hit should be. It has all the elements from an infectious beat, to a classic hook that we can repeat over and over. Mitchell continues to grow in front of our eyes and with this EP he proves that he has plenty of tools in his belt to succeed in the game. It’s time the world to take notice! Production credits on JUNGLE are provided by Levi Double U.

First Listen: "Summer Vibes" ft. Levi Double U, Adiel Mitchell and Alex The Great

Artwork by Zak Kinsella

We love new music, especially when it’s from three of our favorite artist on one track. Coming in hot just to end your seasonal flow. You will remember Adiel Mitchell from our anniversary party and Levi Double U who is an amazing producer and has rocked a couple of our parties (He will be playing a Grandoozy after party known as AfterDoozy this weekend) and Alex The Great a Dallas artis who is on the rise.

Summer Vibes is a nostalgic upbeat track that reminds you to "Live it up." Reminiscing on the good times of growing up, the song recreates the care-free feelings of Summer. The song is a collaboration between Dallas Hip Hop artist Alex The Great, Denver-based R&B singer Adiel Mitchell, and Denver producer Levi Double U. Relive the nostalgia with Summer Vibes!

The song is also for purchase through several platforms click the link here and buy the hottest track of the season.

First Listen | Pink Caddy (Levi Double U Remix) - Yasi

Earlier this year we had a chance to show you the amazing video for Pink Caddy by one of our favorites Yasi. Today we get the remix treatment from Levi Double U (Naughty Jungle). The track takes a more upbeat dance vibe to an already great song. You can catch Yasi all summer long as she will be playing Westword Music Showcase, The Underground Music Showcase, and Bohemian Nights at New West Fest.

Levi Double U is a founding member of the Naughty Jungle collective that features bands such as HR People, Optycnerd, Animalistik, DJ Captain Kirk, Playpat and Stegoforrest. You can find him dj'ing and producing all over Denver in his spare time. He has played many of our Ultra5280 events, Stay Up Saturdays, Naughty Jungle Sundays, 303 Day and many more. One of our favorite dudes around just make sure you never request Despacito when he is spinning, apparently he doesn't have that song.