Pulp Fiction Gets Bass House Treatment from producer Levi Double U

Denver-based DJ and producer Levi Double U was barely over a year old when the cult classic Pulp Fiction debuted at Cannes Film Festival in May of 1994. Before Samuel L. Jackson played Marvel’s Nick Fury, he was the smooth-talking, Bible-quoting, bad mother fucker Jules Winnfield of Inglewood, California. The infamous apartment scene with Jules and Vincent Vega remains one of Levi Double U’s favorite movie scenes, and serves as the inspiration for his new song and video “Say What”.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Pulp Fiction, Levi put his own spin on the Pulp Fiction scene, creating a hyped-up bass house track with pieces of the Jules Winnfield “Say what again” monologue.

The “Say What” video features many of Levi Double U’s favorite scenes from the film, while keeping pace with the driving house beat and reminding everyone that Marcellus Wallace does not look like a bitch.