First Look: Queen Eider "Homebody" Video Premiere

We give you the exclusive premiere of the debut video and single from Queen Eider. The solo project comes from Melanie Steinway (Tyto Alba and Corsicana). Smooth layered rhythms complimented by Steinway’s usual lyrical mastery set the tone for the song while the video makes us feel comfortably creepy yet portrays the message being given.

The song's a summery musing on where I'm at in life right now. Settled into a routine, but it's unsettling. Gently coasting through an existence where I'm filled with gratitude but also occasionally slipping into a strange dark place in my head where you question everything around you.

For the song the track ended up being very collaborative actually. Both Danny and Ben (Corsicana) helped out a lot with the recording. Danny programmed the drum track, Ben played and recorded the live drums, as well as recorded vocals, guitar, and mixing. Ben and Casey (Modern Leisure) sang back-up vocals and the track is mastered by Joe Lambert. Expect more from Queen Eider in the coming months.

Homebody Lyrics: 

A placid breeze became a hurricane

Now I can’t see straight

Don’t want my mood hinged on the weather

Who’re you gonna get today?

Who knew I could sleep so much

Disillusioned and out of touch


I can’t keep feeling old

I think I’m being told

I should get out of this house

I better come around

Anxiety’s resounding, drowning

All in it’s path

I gotta gotta get back

Just a self-indulgent twenty-something

With big things to do

And if you think you’re getting lucky

I got a surprise for you

Silence comes in short supply

Modern culture’s got me mystified 

(chorus x2)