First Look: Heat Dish (Motion Trap Remix) Video Premiere

We have the exclusive premiere of the video for Heat Dish (Motion Trap Remix). The video features Reed Fox (DeCollage), Megan Crooks (Ancient Elk), Jeremy Averitt (Esmรฉ Patterson) and Kevin Netz (Jurassic Netz). The video is a visual explosion of beauty backed by the catchy house rhythms.

"Video feedback is a technique I learned from John Grigsby (local bass legend) and he learned it from his father. It involves taking a live camera and pointing the camera back into its own output until it creates a repeating spinning image. Then we added a few images between the camera and the screen." ~ Jeremy Averitt

"We borrowed an old analog video camera from the Oriental Theater with a VCR inside of it. We realized it belonged to Eldren's VJ after watching what was on the VCR. He was happy to get it back (he left it there after a show). We shot the video in 4 takes live in time with the song. Then Josh Heenan helped me edit it a month later between taking breaks to play with video feedback on a stack of 5 TV's. We wanted to throw in extra video of all of the musicians involved but our goal was to stay true to the footage we filmed that magic night with Jeremy and Kevin." ~ Reed Fox

According to Wikipedia: "Video feedback is the process that starts and continues when a video camera is pointed at its own playback video monitor. The loop delay from camera to display back to camera is at least one video frame time, due to the input and output scanning processes; it can be more if there is more processing in the loop."