From Humble Beginnings To A National Holiday, Record Store Day Has Become A Vinyl Lover's Dream

Back in 2007, Twist and Shout Records Co-Owner Paul Epstein sat in a hotel room with several other independent record store owners and dreamed up Record Store Day.

“We were like ‘yeah! Let’s have exclusive products from all the labels’ kind of like a holiday for records. That’s what got the conversation started,” Epstein says.

Who would’ve thought,12 years later it would grow to international scale, feature rare releases from heavy weight artists like Jack White and St. Vincent, and go on to be declared an official holiday in Las Vegas and a few other American cities. Record Store Day has evolved into a multifaceted event differentiated by the record stores that put them on. Many provide artist meet and greets, live performances, and various promotional pop-ups.

Epstein looks back at the early stages of Record Store Day, “In the beginning it was a slow build. It really got going around year five. Then the labels started taking it more seriously and producing more products. That’s when we started seeing the big lines before we opened.”

Paul Epstein of Twist and Shout Records.

Every year, Twist & Shout experiences record breaking attendance and this year they expect the same. Early birds will get treated to bites from indie music festival The Underground Music Showcase and coffee from Tattered Cover Bookstore. Then doors will open at 8am.

A taste of what to expect once inside: a Grateful Dead inspired ale from Dogfish Head Brewery paired with an exclusive record and poster, KBCO’s one-of-a-kind release that will only be offered at Twist & Shout, and even a Baby Shark vinyl. Full list of products available on

First timers and veterans are given the same advice from Epstein, “Come prepared. Know your priorities because once supplies are gone, they’re gone.”

Happy hunting, music lovers.

-Demi Harvey