First Look: Tyto Alba "Shadow Monster"

Tyto Alba (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Filmed by Colin Anders of Slice Cinematics and edited by Danny DiMarchi, this lighthearted video shows the band gearing up and facing off against an opposing baseball team all consisting of members of other local Denver bands. The childlike energy of the video and music deceitfully contrasts the dark lyrical content in which the singer, Melanie Steinway, talks about her younger sister's downward spiral into heroine addiction, personified through a shadow monster, and the loss of childhood innocence.  

We are also super excited to share “Shadow Monster” the first single off their upcoming album. The band is set to kickoff off their tour and if you live in any of the cities below please come out and support this amazing band. Be sure to come out to Pon Pon tonight to see the video release and send the band off on their tour, we heard they will have some limited goodies.