Modern Leisure's New Full Length Album Proves That Love Isn't Always Perfect


Modern Leisure has just released their debut full length album Super Sad Rom-Com. The project is headed by Casey Banker formally of Shady Elder and The Don't and Be Carefuls.

Super Sad Rom-Com presents itself as the ultimate pop album with nods to bands such as The Shins and Death Cab For Cutie. The 12 song album takes us on a journey as Banker plays the role of story-teller for a complex look at the ups and downs of the modern day relationship. Not to shy away from his feelings Banker expresses true vulnerability in pouring his heart out as he dissects the subtle intricacies of past relationships all played out to an amazing and well produced album that has us celebrating more than hanging our heads.

The album has a handful of stand out tracks such as "Girls In Black", "Super Sad Rom-Com", and "The Lucky Ones". A true testament to well crafted lyrics and capturing the listener, Banker takes us to an all too familiar place in which we all have felt the same way at one point or another. Sit back light a few candles and make no hesitation on sending that risky two in the morning text message, after all whats the worst that can happen.