8 Must See Bands At This Year's Westword Music Showcase

Another year and another Westword Music Showcase is upon us. This years lineup boasts a who's who of amazing artist from national acts, to some of the best local acts our city has to offer. Without further adieu we want to give you a glance at what artist to be sure to catch this year. (in no particular order).

1. Wildermiss - Coors LightMain Stage - 12:25-12:55 PM

One of the hottest rising bands in Denver Wildermiss is a fun band to watch led by the amazing Emma Cole on vocals the band is well on its way to becoming the best band in Denver. (I feel like we've said that before)

2. Kayla Marque - 100% de Agave - 2:45-3:25 PM

Kayla Marque is a Denver born native whose career we have been following closely for years now. A talented singer-songwriter Marque captures you with her attention to heartfelt lyrics and emotional live performances.

3. The Corner Girls - 100% de Agave - 3:40-4:20

Fresh off their packed show for the release of their latest single "Boyfriend" The Corner Girls bring a newfound sense of fun and catchy lyrics to their live performances. The three-piece is sure to make you dance and make you choose who's a better kisser me or my sister?

4. Chloe Tang - #Vybe - 12:00-12:40 PM

A newcomer to the scene Chloe Tang is a multi-genre artist whose talent is able to adapt and give us an array of sounds from her multi-faceted landscape making for a truly unique listening experience. Be sure to het their early for her set.

5. Los Mochochetes - Stoney's Main - 6:10-6:50

One of Denver's hidden secrets Los Mochochetes preach unity and love in each of their songs. Cut from the same ribbon as bands such as Ozomatli, Los Mochcochetes brazen filled political lyrics are unmatched and provide for a high energy performance.

6. Sunflower Bean - Mike's Lemonade Stage - 2:00-2:45 PM

Indie rock darlings hailing from New York, Sunflower Bean is a three piece rock outfit lead by vocalist Julia Cumming. Fusing from inspirations such as bands like Beach Fossils, The Smiths, and The Cure. One of our favorite acts from this years SXSW festival, we are excited to see them rock in our own hometown this year.

7. Felix Fast4ward - Vinyl Main - 5:15-5:55 PM

Felix Fast4ward continues to fly under the radar in the Denver music scene. one of the most respected musicians in the scene who strives keeping a low profile Felix manages to captivate you with his unique style of play often fusing lops, and live instrumentation to make for a pleasurable listening experience.

8. Ray Reed - Vinyl Rooftop - 3:40-4:20

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Ray Reed is no stranger to the Denver hip hop scene. Honing his craft for the past several years and drawing influence from the likes of Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar, Reed delivers punchy lyrics and amazing production to deliver the goods. A must see!