A Sweaty Tuesday Night with Timber Timbre

Timber Timbre a group of multri instrumentalists and folk rockers, came through Denver’s own Globe Hall last Tuesday. Their name is a nod to early recordings which were done in an old timber cabin in Ontario, and there’s a certain spookiness to their music that absolutely pays tribute to that.
A sold out Globe Hall was filled to the brim with long haired hipsters and beards, enjoying the cinematic, grungy folk music in a nearly 110 degree setting. The sound was awesome, but the ventilation was not. Swaying fans, some very obviously on drugs that seemed a little much for what was happening, enjoyed themselves, but it was apparent that no one could stay in the furnace of a room for very long.

Taylor Kirk, Simon Trottier, Mathieu Charbonneau, and Mark (Bucky) Wheaton make up the band, each more than capable than most musicians I’ve witnessed, and working the crowd in an enchanting way. Their newest album, Sincerely, Future Pollution consists of rock and roll sounding grunge folk with spacey interludes that may seem out of place, but come together perfectly with Kirk’s sultry vocals and lyrics about the weight of the world and the experiences that come with it.

With this being the sixth album under their belt, we’ve seen an evolution in the bands sound, and as fans and listeners, we’re always looking forward to what comes next.