Denver Locals HR People Tweet Their Way Into Their New Video "Monster"

Denver local boys are giving us a dose of their new lyrical video for "Monster" and playing a show this coming Friday at Stoney's with Alex The Great (Dallas, Texas) starting at 10 PM. The show is 21+ and tickets are only $5. Check out the FB Event page for more info (we promise they aren't collecting your data)

This lyric video is typed in real time from the perspective of Donald Trump’s Twitter account... on his computer desktop. The song “Monster” was released by HR People as a single weeks before the presidential election in 2016, and plays on the narcissism that was on display during the Trump campaign. The lyrics have continued to ring true over the last year.

“We rushed the song to be released two weeks before the election because we thought the political message would only be relevant until the election was over,” Davis Stone (Vocals, Bass) remarks. “We were wrong...”

“But more than just an attack track on the Donald, this is a commentary about where our culture is today. It’s saying we are a society focused on only the I, me and mine,” Denver Post music critic Josh Johnson writes. “Politics and cultural critique aside, this is a killer song... and this is a band with seemingly limitless creativity.”

Monster has received steady radio play on KTCL 93.3 and Colorado Public Radio’s “Open Air”. HR People is a 5-piece rock/soul outfit from Denver, CO, and is described as “if Cage the Elephant were signed to Rhymesayers and produced by Danger Mouse, taking in Dan Auerbach riffs and Portugal. The Man choruses” (Scene Magazine). HR People will be playing at Stoney’s South in Denver, CO on Friday, March 30th. They have additional shows planned throughout the spring and summer.