Current Joys Brings Joy to Denver Sad Boys

Current Joys, a project by Surf Curse’s Nick Rattigan came through Larimer Lounge on Monday, March 19th.


A Different Age, latest album by Rattigan is a really heart wrenching documentation of growing up and making art in a time where everything essentially sucks, and by the looks of the crowd, this really resonates with people ages 16-25. For an album created with a single guitar, drums, loop pedal and his laptop, the album is complex, diverse, and the melodies have a nostalgic air about them. Admittedly, the music has a sad boy surf rock tone to it, but it is approachable and makes me want to cruise and contemplate my life. Lyrics such as, “I’m just a kid, I never use my brain, I only use my heart, and my imagination.” or, “Don’t know what I’m doing, I can’t make up my mind, can’t see where I’m going, it’s too dark outside” feel so descriptive of growing up, and the poetic ability of this 25 year old Nevada native, severely underrated. *hint hint* Check it out.

An obvious fan club was present, and everyone there seemed to have knowledge and fondness of the band, along with an undeniable surf rock energy that was simply fun to be around. The most tame mosh pit ever erupted at one point during one of the bangers like “New Flesh” Or “Televisions” and that was mirrored by a boisterous rock presence by Current Joys. Very visibly enjoying what he was doing, Rattigan interacted with fans in the crowd, and even sat behind the merch table talking to fans and selling his own t-shirts when he wasn’t on stage. Talk about a cool dude!